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Ava Prentis is a Nexo Knights Minifigure released in 2016.


Ava speaks with a very monotone voice. She appears to be very knowledgeable about computers and programming.


Ava has the same hairpiece as the Spooky Girl but brown. She has a lilac suit with a withe belt around it. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Strengh: 2/10
Funny 6/10
Chivalry 5/10
Coolness 7/10

Description Tech-savvy Knight student
Weapon IT
Skills Programming, hacking, digital solutions
Dislikes Old magic
Likes Computers, gadgets and all things digital

Ava Prentis is a brilliant freshman student at the Knights Academy. She is a technological wonder child and a programming power girl who assists Merlok with getting the NEXO Powers to the knights. She is strong-minded, quick-witted and often ends up in discussions with Merlok about whether magic or technology is the real strong weapon against the monsters.



  • Ava shares the same hairpiece with the Spooky Girl but brown.
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