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This article is about the theme based on the Nickelodeon series. For other uses, see Avatar.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a LEGO theme released in Summer 2006 based off the popular Nickelodeon TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Its sets were only released in Canada and the United States, and there are only two of them, making it the smallest LEGO theme ever made. It is one of three LEGO themes based off of Nickelodeon television shows, the others being SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


This theme, along with SpongeBob SquarePants, was released in summer 2006. Only two sets of this theme were ever released, because it and SpongeBob SquarePants were both being considered to become a full LEGO theme, and the first wave was only a "test" to see which one was more popular. The first wave was not considering SpongeBob SquarePants or Avatar: The Last Airbender a complete theme, and they were both considered to be part of a theme called "Nickelodeon". The idea of combining them in a two-part theme was for fans to choose which one was a better theme, and SpongeBob SquarePants was chosen because of its popularity[1], and because Avatar was originally set to end the year after. The sets produced are based only upon Book 1 (the first season of the show), thus recreating events solely from this timeframe. Basically, the series has not yet encountered Toph, and Zuko is still bent on capturing Aang. There were only two new molds introduced in this theme, those for Momo the flying lemur, and the wings of Aang's glider.


Both Avatar: The Last Airbender sets

Aang is the only individual character from the series that appears in both sets. Sokka and Momo the flying lemur only appear in 3828 Air Temple and Katara and Prince Zuko only appear in 3829 Fire Nation Ship. Other minifigures just portray generic Fire Nation soldiers. Important recurring characters that were already present in Book I and are not represented in any way in this theme are Appa the flying bison, and Iroh, Prince Zuko's uncle.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Avatarairfort3828Air Temple400Aang, Momo the Flying Lemur, Sokka, Fire Nation Soldier, Firebender$29.992006
3829-13829Fire Nation Ship722Aang, Katara, Prince Zuko, Firebender, Fire Nation Soldier$49.992006



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