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Axle is the Rock Raiders driver. He appeared in 6 Rock Raiders sets and has his own card.


Axle's figure is like that of most minifigures. He has gray legs with a black torso and arms, and a yellow face and hands. On the front of his torso is a printing of gray overalls, along with pockets and a pair of round goggles. His face has bright orange hair with black sideburns, and a wide-mouthed smile with angular eyebrows. He wears a brown mining helmet with a neon green visor. In the set 3349 Rock Raiders #3, he has a black visor instead.

In the video game, he has a printing of a light orange belt on his waist, and the front of his legs have printings of bright orange side pockets, along with gray front pockets with black and yellow caution lines below them.



Video Games


Axle is an expert driver. He can handle any sort of vehicle but is happiest behind the controls of the Chrome Crusher. Axle's head and torso are also available as optional minifigure parts in the PC version of LEGO Racers 2. [1].


  • Axle is similar to the minifigure riding in the air boat in 1423 Air Boat.
  • His pieces are available in the LEGO Racers 2 minifigure creator, but he wasn't in the game.