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The B-Wing Pilot, otherwise known as Gray Squadron Pilot, is a minifigure first released in 2000. It represents the Rebel Pilots in Star Wars who specialised in flying B-Wing fighters.


There are four types of B-Wing pilots. The first two both wear red suits and the same type of helmet, however the head of the pilot included with 7180 B-Wing at Rebel Control Center is yellow, while the head of the pilot included in 6208 B-Wing Fighter is flesh-coloured. In 2013, a newer version was released, with a new printed torso, printed legs, and a different helmet piece with a yellow visor. In 2014, a new variant was released, with a new colour scheme, a new helmet mould, a new printed face with violet visor, and new printing on the torso and legs.


The B-Wing Pilots were Rebel Pilots who flew B-Wings, which were first introduced in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Pilots in Gray Squadron under the command of Horton Salm, wore different flight suits than pilots from other squadrons. However, Gray Squadron was made up of Y-Wings, not B-Wings.


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