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BIONICLE Adventures 5: Voyage of Fear
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BIONICLE Adventures


B220 BIONICLE Adventures 5: Voyage of Fear is a BIONICLE Adventures book.


The Toa Metru escaped Metru Nui, only to find a tunnel through the Great Barrier to Mata Nui. The Toa Metru took their Vahki transport "ship", the Lhikan, but were stopped by massive Rahi that none of them have ever seen. Shortly thereafter, a massive, mutated squid captured them and knocked them out. The Toa woke up to find a Matoran named Mavrah with them. Whenua remembered him and the Rahi they were fighting from the past, and told the other Toa about how Turaga Dume had let Mavrah, Whenua and Onepu to study very dangerous Rahi. After an incident, where the rahi almost ate Whenua, Dume had ordered them sent back out to sea the next day. However, the Rahi and Mavrah were gone when they came back. Soon a feeding frenzy began, the Toa against Vahki, Rahi and Kralhi. In the middle of the battle, Mavrah, who was desperatly trying to stop the battle, was knocked into the sea and drowned. In the midst of the tragedy, the Toa made it to the end of the tunnel and find a beautiful home for the Matoran to start new lives, and named the island Great Spirit Mata Nui's name.


  • Vakama
  • Nuju
  • Whenua
  • Mavrah
  • Nokama
  • Matau
  • Onewa
  • Vahki
  • Onepu (In a flashback)
  • Dume (In a flashback)
  • Ahkmou (Briefly mentioned)
  • Gigantic Sea Rahi