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BIONICLE: Glatorian V






BIONICLE: Glatorian V is a Polish BIONICLE book published in 2009 by Ameet. It charts the first half of the 2009 BIONICLE story.


Ameet Description

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There were no wars on the planet of Bara Magna.

Its inhabitants led a quiet life, scraping by on the little resources their barren world had to offer. The social system they created to solve disputes between the villages by means of matches fought by Glatorian warriors worked fine. Still, the great war, which had led to a cataclysm that tore their original planet into pieces millennia ago, was not forgotten. The fire tribe, the water tribe, the jungle tribe and the ice tribe knew very well that breaking the rules they all had accepted might end up with a new disastrous conflict.

A new tribe - a rock tribe - settled in the mountains on the northern edge of the desert. Although they fortified themselves in the ruins of an ancient city, they joined the system too and followed its rules by sending their black-armoured warriors - the Skrall - to fight matches over the resources. The Skrall turned out to be unbeatable fighters and soon the rock tribe started claiming almost everything and winning the right for it in the arena. The suspicions of their true intentions grew. And then the Skrall attacked. There were no wars on the planet of Bara Magna... until now.

Here is a new BIONICLE legend with lots of incredible mysteries. A treat for fans - a comic, a set of collector's cards and the second chapter of Greg Farshtey's new novel "The Crossing". Welcome to the BIONICLE world!

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