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January 2006



Ignition is a special issue of the long running BIONICLE comic series’ Ignition series. It is preceded by BIONICLE 27: Fractures and is followed by BIONICLE Ignition 1: If a Universe Ends. It is also the first BIONICLE comic to be drawn by Stuart Sayger. This issue only featured an interview with Stuart Sayger and a fold-out poster.


A new year of BIONICLE brings a new comic artist with an edgier style. We sat down with Stuart Sayger to talk about working on the BIONICLE comic:

Question #1: How long have you been a professional artist, and what other projects have you worked on before BIONICLE?

“I’ve been drawing comics all my life, but professionally, about 3 years. I produce my own comic, Shivers in the Dark, and have also done work for collectible card games.”
―Stuart Sayger

Question #2: How did you get the job drawing BIONICLE?

“Earlier this year, I was promoting my own comic book at a comic convention where I met one of the art directors from DC Comics. He showed my comics to James Gardner, the editor of BIONICLE, who contacted me to try out. I’m very flattered to be picked to illustrate BIONICLE. I know that my style is going to be a bit different ... darker, more drama. Hope you’re ready!!”
―Stuart Sayger

Question #3: What do you see as the biggest challenges in working on this project?

“The biggest challenge for me is going to be living up to all that has come before me. It’s great to work on a project knowing that the fans out there are interested in what you’re doing. BIONICLE has enjoyed a great, long-running comic book, but this new series is starting over with a new story line, new characters, and a new artist. The comic will be different from the BIONICLE comic fans are used to reading. I hope this new direction captures their imagination like it has mine ... I’m looking forward to the challenge!”
―Stuart Sayger

Question #4: What interests you about BIONICLE?

“BIONICLE gives me two things that I always wanted out of LEGO building: the ability to design and build characters, and the mechanical workings of the expert builder sets. Put these two things together in a package that creates probably the most poseable action figure on the planet and you’ve really got something.”
―Stuart Sayger

Question #5: Did you play with LEGO bricks as a kid?

“Oh, yes ... are you kidding me? I can still remember pouring them out on the floor with my best friend to build spaceships. I made so many cool models ... but in the end, all of them were sacrificed for the creation of my next LEGO masterpiece!”
―Stuart Sayger

Open to see a special BIONICLE poster drawn by Stuart Sayger, and watch for more of Stuart’s work in BIONICLE #1, coming in March!




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