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If a Universe Ends



March 2006



If a Universe Ends is the first issue of the BIONICLE comic series Ignition, and the first issue of the Voya Nui saga. It is preceded by BIONICLE Ignition 0 and is followed by BIONICLE Ignition 2: Vengeance of Axonn. It is also the first and only double-sized issue of the BIONICLE comic series.


Her breath exploding from her lungs, the Matoran called Dalu runs for her life. Running is not natural to her. She is a fighter. But she has seen her island invaded... most of her friends enslaved... her hope and her heroes crushed. So Dalu can be forgiven if she wishes she were somewhere else right now... anywhere else.

“Well, well, well... don’t run, little Matoran. We Piraka might get the idea you don’t like us. And you wouldn’t want us to think that, now, would you?”

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, Dalu remembers... the island of Voya Nui was facing drought and famine when six mysterious canisters washed up on the shore. The island’s Matoran villagers dared to hope that salvation had arrived. They were wrong. Posing as heroic Toa, the newcomers put the Matoran to work building a fortress. Others were sent to dig holes in the slopes of Mount Valmai to drain the lava from the volcano. Those who worked too slowly were “encouraged” to move faster. Garan, the Matoran leader, grew suspicious... and learned more than he bargained for.

“Not much longer, I hope. All this nobility and virtue makes me ill.”
“How long do you think we have to keep pretending to be Toa?”
“Still, if we tell the Matoran the truth--that we’re Piraka here to steal the only worthwhile thing this barren wasteland has--they might... object.”
“So? Remember what we did to that Toa of Sonics who “objected” on our mission?”
“Sort of a Toa of silence now, isn’t he? Dead silence.”

Now aware of the danger they were in, the Matoran began to plan a rebellion. But the Piraka struck first, trapping almost all the Matoran in their village and launching Zamor spheres... The Zamor spheres transformed the Matoran into mindness slaves of the Piraka. Which suited the Piraka just fine. Only six Matoran were left free to oppose them. And now there are five...

“Try not to let her escape this time. We haven’t come this far just to be stopped by pathetic, ignorant villagers.”
“As I recall, I didn’t let her escape... you did.”

“You were so busy proclaiming victory over those foolish ‘heroes’ who tried to stop us that you never saw her slip away.”

“You really should be more observant. Leaders live much longer that way, or so they say.”
“And you, Hakann... should keep your gaping jaws shut.”


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