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Bag Crook,[1] also known as Swamp Crook (Stubble)[2] is a City Swamp Police minifigure.


Bag Crook is a crook near the swamps, he steals a backpack-worth of valuables and prepares to hide them when a snake appears. At the same time, a police officer who is riding an ATV goes after him. The Bag Crook escapes with the stolen goods and uses a raft to meet up with another crook, but they are ambushed by an alligator and two other cops who use a boat to get there. They manage to outrun the police and reach their ally at their hideout, where they stash the stolen goods. The alligator also reachs the hideout when the police locate the crooks, and send a helicopter, dinghy, and a police off-roader to raid the hideout. However, the other two crooks use their boat to escape leaving Bag Crook to be arrested. In the police station, the female crook comes and busts Bag Crook out of prison while avoiding the alligator, and they escape together.


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