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Bansha is a Ninjago minifigure introduced in 2015.


The Bansha wears a black ninja hood with a mask covering her mouth. Her left eye is blank and white, while the right eye is grey. Her head is Transparent Green with black markings, and her arms are dark red with black hands. Bansha also uses new black ghost armor covering her torso, which itself is dark blue with ripped, pale green ghostly printing as well as some dark red. The Bansha uses a new trans-green and dark blue piece, and she also uses regular minifigure legs, seen in Transparent Green with red bands.

Bansha's head, torso, and legs all have unique printing, while her shoulder pad/shawl piece is shared with Ghoultar and Soul Archer. Her ghost tail piece, which has appeared in various colors throughout Ninjago and other themes, is shared with the other Ghost Warriors led by Morro. She shares her hood with Attila, Hackler, Howla, Ming, Spyder, and Yokai.


Bansha appears in The Temple on Haunted Hill where she is one of three ghosts who remain with Morro after his battle with the Ninja in Stiix, along with Soul Archer and Ghoultar. To facilitate their quest for the tomb of The First Spinjitzu Master, they break into the Samurai X Cave and steal the Samurai Mech, which they then convert into the ghostly Mech-enstein. They then travel to the Wailing Alps as seen in Peak-a-Boo, and Bansha attempts to use her powers to blow the pursuing Ninja and their mechs off the mountain. When this is thwarted, she joins her fellow ghosts in battling the Ninja while Morro attempts to reach the Blind Man's Eye, but they are unsuccessful.


Videogame Appearances[]

Gallery of Variations[]

LegsGhost Tail


  • Bansha, Soul ArcherGhoultar and Wrayth are the only Ghost Warriors to use the ghost tail piece.
  • She is the first female Ninjago antagonist physically released to date.
  • Bansha's extremely high-pitched screams can cause avalanches and other hazards.
  • This ghost warrior can also make telepathic contact with as well as possess or control others from a distance.
  • Her name and powers are a reference to Banshees.
  • She comes with normal legs in titan mech battle