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Barbara Gordon is Batgirl's true identity. She made her physical debut in the The LEGO Batman Movie sets.


Being daughter of Commissioner Gordon, and girlfriend of Dick Grayson, Barbara grew up in a household filled with police officers and their stories. When she was older, Barbara decided that she wanted to join the Gotham City Police Department and follow in her father's footsteps, but he wouldn't allow it. One night, at a Masquerade Ball, Barbara wore a homemade "Batgirl" costume and stopped a planned kidnapping on millionaire Bruce Wayne by Killer Moth. Barbara decided that she would fight crime as Batgirl.

LEGO Batman Movie

Growing up as the daughter of Gotham City’s top cop has given Barbara Gordon a strong background in law and order. But as much as she respects her father’s experience and wisdom, she believes that the city would be better served by a more modern style of policing. Now that Jim Gordon is retiring, it’s time for a new kind of Commissioner Gordon to clean up the streets and she wants to work together with Batman to achieve this! Bat-Fact: Wore her SWAT gear to prom.


Meet the new Commissioner of Police! As the newly appointed chief of Gotham City’s Finest, Barbara Gordon™ is ready to show the city just what she can do, with or without the help of the Dark Knight. Her dad may have done a good job in his day, but Barbara is going to make sure that this is a whole new generation of law enforcement!

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