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The Barbarian is a Heroica Microfigure introduced in 2011. It is a character with the special ability in game to defeat all monsters on adjacent spaces and move 1 space. This special ability is mimicked by the axe weapon available in game from the store. He is also the only microfigure to appear in the first 4 Heroica sets.


Raised in the harsh northern mountains of Barresh, the barbarian is as strong and fierce as he is wild. While traveling the world, he found out that his home had become overrun by monsters. Now he has vowed to free his people and has started to recruit other heros to his cause. He is destined to defeat the goblin king and bring peace to the kingdom.


Barbarian in Book of Lore quiz on


  • The Barbarian is in all of the original Heroica sets from 2011.
  • The Barbarian's description in the hero quiz is: "7-9 points. You are the strong, silent hero who may seem a little rough on the outside, but you never let your friends down. Unless they’re about to get to a treasure before you, in which case you might try to block them. You are most likely hungry most of the time because of your active nature."


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