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"Hissssss, don’t expect to win… not against the frightful power of Basil the Batlord!"
―Basil the Bat Lord in LEGO Racers

Basil the Bat Lord, sometimes written as Basil the Batlord and alternatively known as Count Batlord in the United Kingdom, is a Fright Knights minifigure introduced in 1997. He appears in a total of seven sets and features heavily in the video game LEGO Racers.


Basil's head has a mustache and angular eyebrows. On his head is an exclusive bat helmet in black with two wings on the sides. He sometimes wears a ragged dark grey cape with a printing of a bat on the back. His torso is bright red, printed with a coat with yellow dots and a black line pattern continuing through his torso; a silver belt; and a small collar print made to resemble bat wings. He has black arms with bright yellow hands. His hip piece is black with dark grey legs.


As the Fright Knights storyline differs considerably between North America and Europe, so does the role of Basil the Bat Lord. Generally, he is depicted as the leader of the Fright Knights, although it varies whether he is a hero or a villain.

In the North American storyline, Basil the Bat Lord is subservient to Willa the Witch, his true master. As her loyal Bat Lord, he tends to her bats and helps her in her nefarious schemes to scare other knights. He rides a black dragon named Draco.

In the European storyline, the heroic Count Batlord is the enemy of the evil wicked witch. In Bricks 'n Pieces Magazine, Count Batlord must avoid the magic spells from Hubble Bubble's Dragonair, can rely on falling back to his kingdom for protection, and builds a Medieval Catapult to scare off Hubble Bubble.

Basil's origin story is retold in A Fright Night Tale, narrated by Basil and Willa in LEGO Mania Magazine. Once an ordinary knight, Basil wandered into Willa's castle one cold stormy night, mistakenly believing that the castle was abandoned and could provide shelter from the storm. After being frightened by bats and skeletons, Basil was confronted by Willa, who cast a spell over him and transformed him into her loyal Bat Lord.

In Enter the LEGO Holiday Zone, Basil the Bat Lord invites Bill and Jill into the Night Lord's Castle while they are shopping for a special gift. He advises them to pull the chain and hurry inside before the gate crashes shut.

In Graf Fledermaus Ist Wütend: Wer Hat Meine Tapferen Ritter Gekidnappt?, Count Bat awakens one morning to discover that one of his Fright Knights is missing. Three days later, Count Bat and the Fright Knights arrive at the Witch's Magic Manor and shoot down Buta's airship, and she surrenders along with her fellow wizards. Count Bat forces Buta to use her crystal ball to reveal the missing knight's location. With his Bat-Staff, Count Bat transforms the dragon Slimowitch into a harmless bat and saves the kidnapped knight. Afterward, Count Bat continues to use Buta's former crystal ball to see into the future and eliminate his enemies.

Time Cruisers

The Time Cruisers comics in World Club Magazine follow the European version of the story, depicting Count Bat as the heroic leader of the Fright Knights. He has been fighting against the wicked witch Izralda, who plots to take over his kingdom with the help of her two black dragons and the UFO-flying Star People.

Tim Timebuster and Ingo arrive in the Flying Time Vessel, and Count Bat explains the situation to them. After Tim and Ingo scare off the dragons, Count Bat challenges Izralda to a fight but loses. Then, Izralda uses her magic to hypnotize the Fright Knights and transform Count Bat's castle into a Star Tower, sending a beacon into space to signal the Star People.

Count Bat, Tim, and Ingo escape the hypnotized Fright Knights and climb the Star Tower, which suddenly explodes when Tim redirects the beacon. They are rescued by the Alien Avenger piloted by IXVIZIKIL, who thinks that they sent the signal, so Count Bat plays along with the assumption and asks for help defeating Izralda. Once Izralda is defeated, Count Bat takes her magic wand and forces her to surrender. Afterward, he frees his fellow Fright Knights from her mind-control and plans to restore his original castle, thanking Tim and IXVIZIKIL for their help.

LEGO Racers

In LEGO Racers, Basil the Bat Lord is the Hosting Champion in Circuit 3. He is regarded as one of the more challenging Circuit Hosts, since he does not exclusively rely on one power-up like the preceding bosses Captain Redbeard and King Kahuka. He mostly used the green power-up which is difficult to beat him. By beating Basil and finishing Circuit 3 in first place, the player can unlock Basil's car set, as well as the minifigure pieces for Basil and Willa in the character builder.

While not normally visible in-game, Basil's facial expressions can be seen on the driver's license screen if his head is used in the character builder. Several facial expressions depict Basil with glowing red eyes and sharp fangs, giving him a vampire-like appearance.

In the introductory FMV cutscene, Basil the Bat Lord ties with Baron von Barron in second place. He accidentally falls off the winner's podium after Rocket Racer opens his bottle of champaign.


Basil the Bat Lord makes a cameo appearance in LEGOLAND. In one of the game's FMV cutscenes, Basil is partaking in a jousting tournament held at King Leo's Castle. A dragon flies into the tournament, and Basil is surprised when his opponent ends up riding the fearsome dragon.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Basil the Bat Lord is a Builder tank with the abilities "Bat Scepter", "The Needs of the Many", "MAXIMUM BAT OVERLOAD", "Steel Heart", and "Toot the Magic Dragon". Furthermore, Willa the Witch's passive ability "Rise Again, My Minion!" allows her to resurrect Basil if he is defeated in battle, making them a powerful team together.

LEGO Legacy combines elements from the American and European storylines of Fright Knights. Just like in A Fright Night Tale, Basil's backstory states that he was transformed into the Bat Lord by Willa the Witch's spell. However, when not under her mind-control in Glyph Hunt, Basil hates Willa and hopes to bring her to justice, much like in the World Club Magazine comics.

Basil the Bat Lord hails from Bricksylvania, where the Explorers of Piptown travel in Glyph Hunt mission 2.2 "Bargain with the Bat Lord". He cordially welcomes the Explorers but then suddenly becomes angry when the Hiker mentions that they are searching for Willa the Witch. Once he is convinced that they can defeat her, he temporarily joins their team in mission 2.3, in which the Explorers must protect him from Willa's minions while he uses his mental link to locate her hiding in Crown King Brutus's kingdom. However, after being revealed, Willa mind-controls Basil into her minion once again, and they fight together as a power couple in mission 2.8.


  • Basil's title alternates between being spelled as "Bat Lord" and "Batlord", sometimes within the same source. For example, the January-February 1997 LEGO Mania Magazine introduces Basil as the Bat Lord, but repeatedly uses the title Batlord in A Fright Night Tale. Similarly, the main menu of LEGO Racers spells it as "Bat Lord", but it is written as "Batlord" in the rest of the game.
  • In the German World Club Magazine, Basil is named Graf Fledermaus (Count Bat).
  • In the Danish language version of LEGO Racers, he is named Grev Flagermus (Count Bat). In the Dutch language version of LEGO Racers, he is named Floris de Vleermuisridder (Floris the Batknight). Furthermore he is named in the game Basil il Signor Pipistrello in Italian, Flaggermus-Kongen Basil in Norwegian, and Basilio El Tenebroso in Spanish. In the German language version of the game he retains his English name.
  • In LEGOLAND, the bat wings on Basil's helmet are capable of expressive movement.
  • In LEGO Universe, one of the specialty kits exclusive to Crux Prime is the Bat Lord kit, based directly upon Basil's clothing and gear. The kit consists of the the Bat Lord Helmet, Shield, Shirt, Pants, and Staff. The Helmet is awarded by the Crux Prime Champion 3 achievement, while the rest of the items are acquired through random drops. Equipping four pieces of the Bat Lord specialty increases coin and item pickup distance, while equipping all five pieces restores 3 life with every smashed enemy.


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CapeNo cape

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine January-February 1997. Please do not modify it.

Basil is just batty about bats. His castle belfry is filled with flying mammals, from bumblebee bats to vampire bats. At night, he sleeps hanging upside down from the ceiling. When Basil wants to cruise the skies like a bat, he hops on his fire-breathing dragon, Draco, and takes off.

Favorite movie: Batman Forever

Favorite place: The batroom This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

A terrifying tank who sucks the life from enemies to strengthen allies. If you don't like Basil's helmet but like being alive, we recommend keeping that first part to yourself.

Hailing from the miserable land of Bricksylvania, Basil was once just your run-of-the-mill warlord. His life changed forever when he was cursed after crossing paths with Willa the Witch, who needed the big brute for one of her own sinister plots. From then on, Basil became the Bat Lord: the insane, vampiric tyrant that we all know and love today.

Is Total Nineties Baby
Debuted in 1997.

Is Mister Populars
Appeared in 7 sets.

Is Being Much Fashionable
His helmet is one of a kind.

Is Basil the Game Lord
Appeared in three previous LEGO games, including a stint as a boss in "LEGO Racers."

Is Having Many Titles
Sometimes known as "Count Batlord" or "Basil the Batlord."

Is Obvious
It is heavily implied that Basil is a vampire.