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Basil the Bat Lord, sometimes misspelled as Basil the Batlord and known as Count Batlord in the United Kingdom, is the leader of the knights in the Fright Knights theme. He also appeared in LEGO Racers and several sets of Dragon Masters. He appears in a total of seven sets and features heavily in the video game LEGO Racers. He is the Champion Racer in circuit three, and, once beaten, is available to build. A reference is made LEGO Universe, his vestment is available.


Basil's head has a mustache and angular eyebrows. On his head is an exclusive bat helmet in black with two wings on the sides. He wears a ragged grey cape with a printing of a bat on the back. His torso is red, printed with a coat with yellow dots and a black line pattern continuing through his torso. He also has a small collar print made to look, again, like bat wings. He is also printed with a silver belt. He has black arms with yellow hands. His hip piece is black with grey legs.


Basil is the leader of the Fright Knights. One night he was lost, and he stumbled upon a castle. Willa the Witch, looking for other recruits, transformed him into the Bat Lord.


Video Game Appearances


  • In LEGO Racers, Basil the Bat Lord is the host of the third circuit. He is also very hard to beat for beginners.
  • In the same game, his name is written "Basil the Batlord".
  • Also, when creating a minifigure in the game with his head, at the "make license" screen, hitting snapshot will change his face to other emotions (as with other heads), among which are an angry one with red eyes and fangs. This implies that Basil might be a vampire, which perfectly fits his bat-theme.
  • In LEGO Universe, one of the kits exclusive to Crux Prime is the Bat Lord kit, which has the Bat Lord helm, shield, torso, legs, and a staff made of a small antenna piece with a bat on top. The helm is awarded in an achievement.



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