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LEGO Basketball was a subtheme of Sports that ran from 2003 to 2004 with sets and to 2005 with accessories.


3432-1 set

3432 NBA Challenge

The Basketball subtheme was originally licensed by the NBA in 2003, ending the next year. These sets were based on real games, court games, and simple street games.

The minifigures in this theme were known for their special design. They have spring-loaded legs and specially designed hands so players can shoot, pass and even reverse slam dunk. It took a team of four LEGO designers and six engineers a full year just to develop the arms and hands so that the minifigures could properly hold, and throw a small basketball piece.

These minifigures also featured more realistic skin tones, being based on real-life NBA players from real teams.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10121-110121NBA Basketball Teams165$10.002003
3390-13390Streetball Player51 2003
3427 NBA Slam Dunk3427NBA Slam Dunk541 2003
3428 One vs One Action3428One vs One Action372$10.002003
3429-13429Ultimate Defense802$15.002003
3430-1-13430NBA Spin and Shoot712 2003
4b699d903acd9 31594n3431Streetball 2 vs 21824 2003
3432-13432NBA Challenge44110 NBA Players 2003
NBA Challenge3433Ultimate NBA Arena48110 2003
3440 Jam Session3440NBA Jam Session Co-Pack682 2003
3500 Kobe Bryant3500Kobe Bryant4Kobe Bryant 2003
3529-1-10572148173529Pau Gasol3Pau Gasol 2003
35303530Tony Parker4Tony Parker 2003
3548 Slam Dunk Trainer3548Slam Dunk Trainer161$4.002003
3549-13549Practice Shooting181$4.002003
35503550Jump and Shoot171 2003
41NGVOjlZTL3560NBA Collectors10Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol 2003
3561 NBA Collectors -23561NBA Collectors10Shaquille O'Neal, Antoine Walker, Tony Parker$8.002003
3562 NBA Collectors 33562NBA Collectors11Gary Payton, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter 2003
3563 NBA Collectors -43563NBA Collectors10Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, Toni Kukoc$8.002003
3564 NBA Collectors -53564NBA Collectors10Karl Malone, Allen Iverson, Steve Francis 2003
35653565NBA Collectors12Paul Pierce,

Jerry Stackhouse,

Steve Nash
3566-13566NBA Collectors10Jalen Rose, Pedrag Stojakovic, Kevin Garnett$9.992003
3567-13567NBA Collectors10Tracy McGrady, Chris Webber, Allan Houston 2003
3584 Rapid Return3584Rapid Return461 2003
5013 Free Throw5013Basketball251 2003
5016-15016Player and Backboard17Basketball Player 2003
7917-17917Blue Basketball Player5 2004
7918-17918Green Basketball Player5 2004



  • Various minifigures from this theme appear in The LEGO Movie as Master Builders,