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The following is a list of suits Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin can use in LEGO Batman: The Video Game. These are unlocked at various levels in the Hero storyline, and are used to solve puzzles, acquire minikits and power bricks, and many other things. They have upgrades that can be purchased in Wayne Manor or Arkham Asylum. Some suit abilities can also be found naturally in villains.

List of suits

Batman/Batgirl suits

  • Heat Suit: Allows user to walk on and manipulate flaming objects. Upgrade grants flaming Batarangs. No villain counterpart.
  • Glide Suit: Allows user to glide for a short period of time. Upgrade allows for a downward attack called a ground pound. Villain Counterpart: The Penguin, Man-Bat, Killer Moth, and others can glide in a similar fashion through the use of natural or artificial wings (or umbrellas, in Penguin's case).
  • Sonic Suit: The user can now emit a sonic blast to shatter glass bricks through resonance. Upgrades grant an area effect of the sonic blast, bats which hover around the sonic waves, and the ability to knock back enemies affected by the sonic blast (sonic pain). No villain counterpart.
  • Demolition Suit: The user can plant Bat-bombs to destroy metallic objects or hurt enemies. Upgrades give the suit armor plating and an increase in number of bombs which can be planted. Villain Counterpart: Penguin can launch exploding penguins from his hat.

Robin/Nightwing suits

  • Magnetic Suit: The user can now walk up metallic walls or walkways. Upgrade allows for an increase in magnetic walking speed. No villain counterpart.
  • Attractor Suit: The backpack on this suit sucks up small red, yellow, and green pieces, which can be fed into machines which then produce items. Upgrades can locate pieces within range of the suit and increase the vaccuum speed. No villain counterpart.
  • Tech Suit: The user can interface with Tech Panels, which control various devices, such as cars and helicopters. Upgrade allows this suit, when not in use, to produce a fake duplicate of itself, which enemies will attack. No villian have this ability, but the Scientists
  • Dive Suit: The user now sinks in water, allowing them to activate switches and collect studs and minikits. Upgrade causes the suit's Batarangs to freeze their targets. Killer Croc can dive in water.


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