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Terry McGinnis is a superhero who who uses the alter ego of Batman in the 2040's. He succeeded Batman (Bruce Wayne) as Batman.

He is a playable character in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham with the "Batman of the Future" downloadable content.


The Batman minifigure is based on his appearance in the DC Animated Universe. He includes the same black cowl as Batman (Bruce Wayne). His head includes white eyes and a frown. Batman's body is Black with muscle printing, his utility belt, and the Batman Beyond logo. He has plain black legs.


DC Animated Universe

Terry McGinnis succeeded Bruce Wayne as Batman, the protector of Gotham City, in the year 2039. He was discovered by elderly Bruce Wayne when he was chased by Jokerz, a biker gang that honored The Joker. Shortly afterward, While attempting to help Bruce with his heart medicine to return the favor, Terry saw a bat trapped in a grandfather clock, and stumbled upon the batcave. When he got home, Terry found that his father had been murdered. Vowing revenge, Terry stole the latest batsuit and discovered that Derek Powers, had ordered the murder. During a resulting fight, Powers was exposed to nerve gas. Seeing that there was still a need for Batman, Bruce Wayne gave him a chance to become the next Batman and gave him the Batsuit that was stolen. Terry accepted and became the future Batman, also known as Batman Beyond.

Batman Beyond's enemies includes the Jokerz, Inque, The Joker after returning in Tim Drake's body, and Blight, a mutated Derek Powers.

Later, it was revealed that he was actually Bruce's clone and part of a project by Amanda Waller. In the project, Bruce Wayne's genetics were given to Terry, since his mother and father had the most similarities to Thomas and Martha Wayne.



  • Terry McGinnis is the second Batman in the DC Animated Universe.
  • Terry McGinnis lives in the DC Animated Universe, and in the main comic continuity appears from Earth-12.
  • The Batman Beyond suit is seen in the Batcave during The LEGO Batman Movie.