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Battle Goddess is a minifigure released in October 2014 as part of 71007 Minifigures Series 12.


The Battle Goddess has printed gold armour on her torso and a white skirt, mainly covering her left leg. She also has a gold helmet, which is attached to her blonde hair as one piece. She has the same spear as the Warrior Woman, albeit in a different colour. Her round shield has a Greek geometrical pattern around the edge and a picture of Pegasus in the centre.

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"If you attack the weak, then you deal with me!"

The Battle Goddess is a brave and powerful protector of the ancient world. Once a golden statue, she sprang to life in answer to a defenseless village’s pleas for help. After boldly driving away the bandits that were threatening them, she pledged to forevermore safeguard all who called upon her.

The Battle Goddess’s great strength of arms is matched only by her formidable sense of justice. She never gives up and never backs down, no matter the might of those who oppose her. If you seek to bully the small or the helpless, then beware – for the Battle Goddess will appear with an earth-shaking crash to stand against you!


  • She loosely represents the goddess Athena/Minerva from Greco-Roman mythology but has a different hair color and shield.
  • Her hair piece is new.
  • Her spear and shield are the same as the Warrior Woman's except that the spear handle is a lighter shade of brown and the shield has different printing.
  • She reuses the Roman Commander's plume, but this time in white.
  • Battle Goddess is mentioned in Flying Warrior's bio.
  • She appeares in LEGO Minifigures online where she is one of main characters of the Mythology World.

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