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Baxter Stockman is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minifigure to be introduced in 2013.


The turtles first spotted Stockman trying to break into a building. They then fought him and threw him in a dumpster. After Michelangelo accidentally left his "T-Pod", an advanced music player made by Donatello, Baxter found it and used it to advance his armor. He used his new suit to attack a business place he got fired from. The turtles later heard about this on there television and decided to investigate. They then found Stockman and were barely able to fight him. The armors left hand turned into a Mouser when it was taken off. Donny noticed how the T-Pod was evolving to Stockman, who Michelangelo nicknamed "Stockman Pod". The turtles then went to fight the Stockman Pod again, this time winning by throwing a bee hive at Baxter's exposed head.


  • His armour is the same as the Ninjago ZX armour.
  • This is the first minifigure to have the flight helmet in silver.