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This article is based on a video game that was not released.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its was never officially released or produced.
Beneath the LEGO Phanta Sea
LEGO Theme:

Possibly Aquazone, Divers



Beneath the LEGO Phanta Sea was a planned video game to be developed by Mindscape, the developers of LEGO Island. The game was one of six games that Mindscape had planned to develop, LEGO Island being the first. However, Mindscape fired the LEGO Island development team a day before LEGO Island was released, canceling the other five games in the process. Due to being canceled in early development, very little exists of the game, and what does exist - storyboards, scripts, animations - is not public. What is known is that the game would have been underwater themed, and probably based off of Aquazone or Divers. A contest was planned, to be announced in the manual for LEGO Island, the prizes being pre-orders of Beneath the Phanta Sea. This contest was never held, and was not mentioned in the final revision of the LEGO Island manual.

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