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Betty Brant is a Marvel minifigure to be released in 2021.


Betty Brant dropped out of high school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to financially help her home. She eventually moved to New York City and became J. Jonah Jameson's secretary at the Daily Bugle. She began dating Peter Parker after she noticed how caring he was towards his Aunt May, and after she stood up for Spider-Man after Jameson repeatedly slandered him. After her brother was killed in a tangle between a gang, Spider-Man, and Doctor Octopus, Betty at first blamed Spider-Man for his death. Eventually, she soon realized that he was actually trying to help. However, that didn't stop her dwindling relationship between her and Peter, and the two broke up shortly after.

Later on, she would become an investigative reporter for the Bugle alongside Robbie Robertson. She would also play a key role in exposing the identity of Hobgoblin.