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Beware The Wrath Of Sobek-Ra! was a download made available in 2011 from the Pharaoh's Quest website. It consists of two pages, one a cover, and one containing the printing needed to fold together a paper model of the reanimated crocodile statue Sobek-Ra.


Sobek's body is a single section of paper, which depicts a sash, eyes, ears, a braid, a tail, and a pair of feet. His wings, which closely resemble those used by the Flying Mummies, are glued to the body, as is a long, oblong snout.


Sobek-Ra was a crocodile-like monster made of stone that was summoned by Amset-Ra after his defeat to give Jake Raines and his companions one last obstacle to overcome.


  • You have to enter a code at the Pharaoh's Quest website to unlock Sobek-Ra. The code is "Jake"
  • Sobek-Ra was an Egyptian god, a fusion of the sun god Ra and the Crocodile god Sobek, usually shown as a crocodile or crocodile-headed man with a sun-disk headdress. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Beware The Wrath of Sobek-Ra!
Jake Raines and his team may have collected the treasures and stopped the Pharaoh Amset-Ra from taking over the world, but their adventure isn’t over yet! When Amset-Ra was trapped inside his Scorpion Pyramid, his magic unleashed one final guardian. Now a stone statue has come to life in the form of the winged crocodile Sobek-Ra – and it’s out to destroy the heroes who defeated its evil master! Get a parent’s permission and follow the instructions below to print out, cut out and assemble this new Pharaoh’s Quest monster.


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