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The Birthday Clown is a minifigure from the 850791 LEGO Minifigure Birthday Set. He is included with a horn and a cake.


The Birthday Clown has a horn, and a brick built cake. He has a green afro and face paint similar to that of the Small Clown's. His red and blue pants are similar to that of the Circus Clown's. His purple top is the same as the Circus Clown's but in purple.


  • The Birthday Clown uses the same legs as the Circus Clown from 8683 and the same hairpiece but in a different colour. His body is also the same design as the Circus Clown, but it is predominantly purple instead of green.
  • He also has a brass horn as an accessory which also appears on the Circus Clown
  • His face is the same as the Small Clown from 8805
  • He is the fourth clown in Minifigures (theme).


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