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"By our master’s command, the Castle and the kingdom will be ours. None shall stop us!"
―Black Knight Skeleton

The Black Knight Skeleton,[1] also known as the Black Skeleton,[1] Skeleknight,[2] and General Bone,[3] is a Castle minifigure introduced in 2007.


The Black Knight Skeleton's legs are black and dark red. His body is black with white hands and a white Skeleton Warrior head. He wears black armour that consists of a breastplate with skull markings, which is shared with the Dark Mage, and a helmet reused from the Shadow Knights.


The Black Knight Skeleton is the leader of the Evil Wizard's Skeleton Legion. He is often seen riding a black skeletal horse, such as when he partakes in the Final Joust against the Lead General.

In LEGO Battles, the Black Knight Skeleton appears as two units in the Wizard's army: the horse-mounted Skeleknight, and the rider of the Wizard's Dragon. The Skeleknight is a Mounted unit; has 2/5 strength, 300 life, and 3/5 speed; and costs 250 bricks to build. The Wizard's Dragon is a Special unit; has 3/5 strength, 700 life, and 5/5 speed; and costs 900 bricks to build. In the Wizard Act 3 cutscene, a Wizard's Dragon ridden by a Skeleknight scouts the Western Kingdom and observes the King's Castle before rejoining the Skeleton Legion. The Skeleknight also appears in the unlockable "Wizard Scene 3" concept art.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, General Bone is a physical defender with the skills "Chilling to the Bone", "Raging Tornado", and "Mind-Control Removal". His profile reveals that he secretly adds frilly decorations to his lance as a hobby.



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The Black Knight Skeleton

"By our master’s command, the Castle and the kingdom will be ours. None shall stop us!"

Clad in enchanted black armor, the Black Knight Skeleton leads the Evil Wizard’s dark army across the kingdom. Stronger and more cunning than the other Evil Skeletons, he is a master of fighting and lacks any honor in battle. Forever loyal to his master, he will do anything to capture or destroy the Castle! This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Do not modify it.

NAME: General Bone
A charismatic general for the Skeleton Legion. He is revered by every Skeleton in the legion, but he has a secret hobby of decorating his lance with cute little frills and beads at home when no one is looking.



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