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Skull Breastplate, Knight Helmet, Scythe, Skeleton Shield, Glaive, Lance +
Skeleton Black Knight.jpg +
Minifigure +
The Black Knight Skeleton

"By ourThe Black Knight Skeleton</br></br>"By our master’s command, the Castle and the kingdom will be ours. None shall stop us!"</br></br>Clad in enchanted black armor, the Black Knight Skeleton leads the Evil Wizard’s dark army across the kingdom. Stronger and more cunning than the other Evil Skeletons, he is a master of fighting and lacks any honor in battle. Forever loyal to his master, he will do anything to capture or destroy the Castle!anything to capture or destroy the Castle! +  and NAME: General Bone

THEME: CANAME: General Bone<br/>THEME: CASTLE<br/>A charismatic general for the Skeleton Legion. He is revered by every Skeleton in the legion, but he has a secret hobby of decorating his lance with cute little frills and beads at home when no one is looking. and beads at home when no one is looking. +
Black Knight Skeleton +