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Komand'r, or alias Blackfire, is a DC Comics Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Dimensions.


Princess Komand'r of planet Tamaran was an outcast due to her inability to fly, and she grew bitter and jealous ofher little sister Koriand'r as a result. Komand'r allied with a cruel alien race called the Citadel to invade her own homeworld, taking her sister as a slave until both sisters were captured by the Psions, whose experiments gave them the ability to shoot solar blasts (in addition to Tamaraneans' natural flight, which only Komand'r lacked). Koriand'r escaped the Psions' jailers and the Gordanian bounty hunters searching for her, also releasing Komand'r, who returned to Tamaran to become its dictator, Blackfire.


Video Game Appearances

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