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1987 - 1988 (1989, 1990)

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Futuron, Space Police I, M-Tron

Blacktron was one of the first two factions of the Space theme (the other one being Futuron) and was introduced in 1987.


The first unified and truly "themed" Space subtheme, Blacktron took to the stars in black with yellow trim, and red and yellow transparent pieces.(The odd man out was the Meteor Monitor, which was white and black with red transparents.) Blacktron minifigures wore black jumpsuits akin to today's military pilots, with white trim and opaque black visors. Stylish, sleek and intimidating, Blacktron was a major step up from the rather clunky design values of Classic Space. Blacktron is considered to be the "bad guys" of the two factions.It featured a large spacecraft, the Renegade, which set the tone for all future big ships by splitting into a number of smaller modules, including a storage bin for a small wheeled vehicle; these modules could be recombined not just with each other, but with modules from other vehicles in the set as well, specifically the Invader and Battrax. This modular interchangeability has been a staple of LEGO Space ever since.

For clarification, Blacktron is often referred to as Blacktron I, as LEGO released Blacktron II (or Blacktron Future Generation) in 1991. Though Blacktron officially ended in 1988, the 1875 Meteor Monitor was released in 1990. Considering Blacktron II's slightly altered colour scheme it could be viewed as being from between the "upgrade" era of Blacktron to Blacktron II.

Blacktron minifigures were also included as prisoners in sets of Space Police I.


Popular Blacktron vehicles include Renegade, Invader, Battrax (all 1987) and Alienator (1988). The base was Message Intercept Base (1988).


Space Police sets containing Blacktron minifigures
Other appearances

LEGO Master Builder Academy

In 2011, the LEGO Master Builder Academy website showed pictures online of an M.O.C. (My Own Creation) of a Blacktron base that the creator called: Blacktron Intelligence Agency (B.I.A.). Also, a video on the website mentions Blacktron as: The villainous space crooks of Blacktron. This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Designed and Built by Brian Darrow

Brian Darrow has been building LEGO® models since 1964, and has built together with his two sons since they were in diapers. He finds building to be a great way to unwind after a long day of working as a chiropractic physician.

Brian’s Blacktron Intelligence Agency (BIA) was inspired by the original 1987 LEGO Space Blacktron theme with its distinctive black, yellow and transparent-yellow color scheme. He first built it as part of a collaborative Moonbase project in 2004, and he has rebuilt and added to it several times since then.

“I start all my creations with pencil sketches before I dig into the bricks, and I like to consider myself an old-school freestyle builder. I built a lot of town layouts and spaceships with my sons during the 1980s and 1990s, so my present building style reflects the LEGO sets from those years. AFOLs [Adult Fans of LEGO] often comment how my creations look like something the LEGO Group might have produced during those years. That’s the best compliment they could give me.”

-Brian Darrow



  • A Blacktron torso can be found from random enemy drops on Crux Prime in the online game LEGO Universe.


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