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Blacktron Astronaut (stylized as BLACKTRON astronaut in the 1990 Shop At Home catalog), also known as Blacktron Spaceman,[1] is an astronaut minifigure from the Blacktron theme. Blacktron Astronauts have been found as prisoners in some Space Police I sets.


The Blacktron Astronaut is an almost entirely black minifigure, including air tanks and a crash helmet with visor. His torso features white spacesuit printing.

Exclusively in 5000440 Vintage Minifigure Collection Volume 4, the Blacktron Astronaut has bright yellow hands instead of black gloves.

While originally depicted with the standard smiling minifigure face, the Blacktron Spaceman in The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame has a grimacing facial expression, stubble, crow's feet, and eyebrows. In this game, the Blacktron Spaceman has two variants: visor and no visor.


The Blacktron Astronauts comprise the main forces of the nefarious Blacktron organization, pursuing the Futuron organization and robbing their monorails. The Space Police eventually restored peace by arresting the Blacktron Astronauts, imprisoning them in the Space Lock-Up jails.

After their initial defeat, the Blacktron Astronauts were succeeded by the Blacktron Future Generation astronauts starting in 1991.

Blacktron Astronaut Dwayne is a named Blacktron Astronaut featured in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Rench wears the original Blacktron Astronaut spacesuit with the Future Generation logo, while the Evil Mech's torso is a robotized version of the Blacktron spacesuit.



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