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Blacktron Astronaut Quincy,[1] also known as simply Blacktron Quincy,[1] is a Blacktron Future Generation minifigure released in 1991.


Blacktron Astronaut Quincy is largely the same as the standard Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut. His torso and legs are white, while his arms, hands, hip, and helmet are black. His torso features the black and lime green Blacktron Future Generation logo, and his helmet has a Transparent Flourescent Green visor. Like all other Space minifigures at the time, he has a simple smiling face. Unlike other Blacktron Future Generation Astronauts wearing black airtanks or white jetpacks, his white jetpack is adorned with transparent fluorescent green studs.


In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Blacktron Astronaut Quincy is an Explorer support unit with the abilities "Skill Shot", "Reverse Engineered", "New Tech, New Me", and "Enhanced Optimist". He is characterized as an early adopter who is obsessed with the latest technology and gadgets, including the eBlacktron communication device and Brickspace Navigator.

Blacktron Astronaut Quincy and fellow Blacktron Astronaut Dwayne are the main characters of the Early Adopters brickpace event, which rewards players with Cosmo Caps to spend in the Event Shop. Quincy and Dwayne had pre-ordered the new eBlacktron X at Brick Buy, but their pre-orders were stolen by Princess Storm's underground pre-order racket on behalf of Crown King Brutus. The event's later missions require the player to have unlocked Blacktron Quincy and include him in their party.


LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Do not modify it.

A support who controls the battlefield by managing buffs and debuffs. If you got a cough, he's got a gadget for that!

Blacktron Quincy is an early adopter. That's why he owns an eBlacktron communication device, a Brickspace Navigator, and a jetpack. Tech does wonders in his hands, like when his new OS fixed his back pain. Which doesn't make sense to anyone. But it makes perfect sense to Quincy.

1991: A Space Odyssey
Debuted in 1991

Space Trekkor
Can be seen riding around in the "Grid Trekkor" rover...

...or walking around in the "Sub Orbital Guardian" walker.