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Blacktron Future Generation
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Space Police I
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Ice Planet 2002

Blacktron Future Generation is a faction featured in LEGO's Space theme and was introduced in 1991. It's a visually updated continuation of the original Blacktron line from 1987. It is commonly known as Blacktron II.


In 1991, Blacktron received a makeover with uniforms somewhat ismilar to M-Tron: black with white trim, neon yellow/green canopies and visors, and new chest emblem. It also replaced the creative but haphazard interchangeability of Blacktron with refined and mostly uniform cockpit globes (best seen here), which could be switched unimpeded between those ships. Only three sets of eleven featured them.

Blacktron Future Generation seemed to be mostly a rehash of Blacktron I on a set-by-set basis.


They picked up where Blacktron left off as an outlaw faction of space pirates. In the 1991 catalogue, Blacktron Future Generation is seen attacking M-Tron's 6989 Mega Core Magnetizer. All of the Space Police II sets released in 1992 each have a Blacktron Future Generation astronaut as a prisoner. A 1993 television ad shows the 6981 Aerial Intruder attempting to steal from Ice Planet 2002's 6983 Ice Station Odyssey.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1462 Galactic Scout.jpg1462Galactic Scout23Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut$1.991992
6878 Twin Scout (Please Rename).jpg1479Double Scout22Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
1694 Galactic Scout.jpg1694Galactic Scout23Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1992
1887-1.jpg1887Rocket Detector29Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1992
4741 Blacktron Value Pack.jpg4741Space Value Pack1953 1992
6704 Space Mini Figures.jpg6704Space Mini Figures44Blacktron Astronaut, Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut (x2), Space Police I Officer, M-Tron Jetpack Astronaut, M-Tron Astronaut 1991
6710-Space Landing Pads.jpg6710Space Landing Pads  1991
4741 Blacktron Value Pack.jpg6741Blacktron Super Vehicle1953$24.751993
6812 Box.jpg6812Grid Trekkor23Blacktron Astronaut Quincy 1991
6832 Box.jpg6832Super Nova II40Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6851 Box.jpg6851Tri-Wheeled Tyrax36Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6861 Super Vehicle.jpg6861Super Vehicle1903 1991
6878 Box.jpg6878Sub Orbital Guardian61Blacktron Astronaut Quincy$8.001991
6887 Box.jpg6887Allied Avenger98Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6933 Box.jpg6933Spectral Starguider204Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut , Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut$24.991991
6981 Box.jpg6981Aerial Intruder251Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut 1991
6988 Box.jpg6988Alpha Centauri Outpost406Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut (x5)$80.001991
Pc91bc3.jpgPc91bc3Blacktron Future Generation Postcard1 1991

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