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"Fire in the hole!"
―Blaze Firefighter's line The LEGO Movie

Blaze Firefighter (also known as Justin Furneaux) is a minifigure released in 2014 as part of the LEGO Movie theme.


In The LEGO Movie, he is a masterbuilder. The Blaze Firefighter creates a mech out of a fire truck to battle Micro Managers. As a result of "The Man Upstairs" taking apart the Fire Mech, the Micro Managers regress it back to a fire truck.

Despite having a minor role in the movie, Blaze has an important role near the end of the The LEGO Movie Video Game. After Emmet returns from the human world, he encounters Blaze whom believes he escaped from a mental institution after Emmet tells him about the human world. He helps Emmet defeat Micro Managers and the two eventually find Gail the Construction Worker whom also helps them out.


Movie Appearances

Video Game Appearances


  • His torso and legs are same as a 2013 variation of a Fireman from City, but with white helmet instead of red.
  • In some versions of the video game, his name is Justin Furneaux, a pun on "inferno."