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Blazemaker is a name referring to two ships in LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures that have not been released in set form.


The original Blazemaker was a pet project of Zander Freemaker and was an Ugly (or "Z-Wing") created using components from destroyed or disassembled vehicles introduced in Zander's Joyride. Unfortunately, after Zander wrecked a Naboo Fighter belonging to customer Wick Cooper, Cooper chose to take the Blazemaker as compensation. Due to being incomplete, the Blazemaker exploded; Cooper survived and Zander turned his attention towards a second version of the craft. The Blazemaker Mark II would not appear until Return of the Kyber Saber, when it was used by Zander to bait a group of Imperials away from the StarScavenger with a decoy Kyber Saber.

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