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Blizzard Archer is one of the Blizzard Samurai figures from the Ninjago line, introduced in 2019.


In 70676 and 70678, Blizzard Archer has an identical double-sided head and printed torso and legs to Blizzard Warrior; these legs are also shared with Blizzard Sword Master and General Vex. In 40342 it has the same torso as the Sword Master, which is also shared with General Vex. It comes with a trans-blue shoulder armor piece, and a red version of the metallic titanium helmet element originally released in 2012 for Lord Garmadon.

A version of the Blizzard Archer-under the name "Blizzard Samurai" is set for release with Issue #56 of LEGO Ninjago Magazine. The figure wields a lance instead of a crossbow, and comes with the breastplate included with several releases of the Blizzard Warrior.