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The Blizzard Samurai are a faction of villains from the Ninjago toy line and the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series.


Originally, one of the Blizzard Samurai's groups were a force of warriors native to the Never-Realm who were ruled by King Grimfax. They lived in peace with their neighbors, including the Formlings, whose peaceful nature they were familiar with. When Vex, a self-exiled member of the Formling tribe, attempted to turn Grimfax against them, Grimfax saw through his lies and ordered him expelled from his castle. Unfortunately, Vex later returned in company with an amnesiac Zane, whose Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu enhanced powers enabled him to transform Grimfax's warriors into zombie minions.

Powerless to stop the new Ice Emperor, Grimfax submitted to Zane and Vex's rule, and his castle became the Ice Castle. Over time, as the Ice Emperor's powers grew, he gained the ability to create more Blizzard Samurai warriors from dark ice. These warriors served as shock troops to expand the Emperor's rule-and Vex's wicked agenda-with Grimfax often serving as a field commander. This continued until Zane's comrades, the Ninja, arrived from Ninjago in search of their missing friend.

At Vex's urging, Zane sent the Blizzard Samurai to attack the village where the Ninja were staying, only for many of the ice constructs to be shattered. Grimfax led the remainder back to the Ice Castle, and were informed of the failure of their assault. Other Blizzard Samurai later attacked Lloyd on his way to the Ice Castle, while others brought the captured Green Ninja before the Ice Emperor. Grimfax later released Lloyd and Kataru, a Formling prisoner, and led them against Vex only to run into the general and a force of Blizzard Samurai guards.

While this was going on, Kataru's sister Akita infiltrated the Ice Castle and defeated another set of guards in order to attack the Ice Emperor. All four attackers were eventually subdued, and Vex prepared to kill Lloyd. However, his ranting awakened Zane's memories, and the Master of Ice reversed the effects of his powers, freeing the human Blizzard Samurai from their mindless servitude. Grimfax was restored to his throne, and a now powerless Vex was exiled into the wilderness of the Never-Realm.


Ice Emperor

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Grimfax is a high-ranking Blizzard Samurai that leads the other samurai into battles.


Grimfax was originally the king of a castle and army of warriors in the Never-Realm, who lived peacefully with the neighboring Formlings. When the Formling exile Vex attempted to persuade him that the Formlings were hostile, Grimfax surprised him by revealing his familiarity with Vex's history. He had the warmonger expelled from his castle, but Vex later returned with Zane at his side. The amnesiac ninja had been convinced that he was the rightful ruler of Grimfax's castle, and used his elemental powers and a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to seize control.

With no means of fighting back, Grimax was forced to submit to Zane's rule as the Ice Emperor; as a result, he retained his free will and personality as opposed to becoming a mindless minion like his men. Clad in grey armor and wielding a massive axe with double ice blades, Grimfax served as a field commander under the Ice Emperor and Vex. Despite the circumstances of his servitude, Grimfax seems to have taken some pleasure in his duties, as demonstrated when he gleefully extinguished the Hearthfire of the Great Lake. However, upon returning from his attack against the village and its Ninja visitors, Grimfax was informed that the fire had been reignited, and punished both for this failure and the loss of several Blizzard Samurai constructed from dark ice.

Having learned that the Emperor was not always the tyrant Vex had made him, Grimfax freed Lloyd and Kataru from the castle's dungeons after the former was captured. He then led them on a mission to destroy a crystal of dark ice Vex used to observe enemies, only to run into Vex and a party of guards. Vex and Kataru faced off with the Blizzard Samurai while Lloyd went after the Emperor, only to be captured. Fortunately, Zane's memory was jogged, and he undid the effects of his elemental powers; Grimfax and his men were thus returned to normal and regained their castle.


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