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  • Skye Johnson21

    My Lego Agents Of Shield Put in the comments ur requests plz nothing inappropriate and try to keep it marvel dc ill try to do but can't guarantee ill make them ill try to make marvel ones and just normal Minifigures plz…

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  • Skye Johnson21

    Lego Marvel Requests

    September 8, 2020 by Skye Johnson21

    Put in the comments ur request to see if your request is done look to this link comment there if u have a request plz lego marvel only but if its Dc I might do it ill try my best to do marvel ones and nothing inappropriate.

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  • Skye Johnson21


    September 8, 2020 by Skye Johnson21

    Listen to Uh Oh by Cloe' Wang Chinese and English!!!

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  • Skye Johnson21

    My Name

    September 8, 2020 by Skye Johnson21

    The legal name the orphanage gave me is Leah Alice Ross but now its Skye thanks to my parents who adopted me I love them.

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  • EinsteinBlllllllllll
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  • Bertieberesuffersfuffersford

    Hi! I created this blog post for asking a question that I‘ve been wondering for a long time now. Recently, I found this strange Duplo brick again. I don’t know where I got it from but I already have it for a while now. It is as tall as a Duplo brick and a Duplo 2x4 plate stacked together. Technically, it looks like a normal brick with 4 studs on one side, but on the other side it has a black circle on it. What’s weird too is that it even has a line on the height where the 2x4 plate would be, but it’s one brick. Not removable. See the photos below for more details. If you know where this brick is from, please tell me! Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Printer89

    July's Contest

    August 5, 2020 by Printer89

    Hey everyone! If you want to view all of the submissions for the design part of the contest, follow this link!

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  • Toa Kopaka Nuva

    Brickipedia and the other Fandom Brick Communities are holding a MOC contest. The winner will be awarded a $15 gift card.

    The Objective: Pick out one of your favorite Minifigures and design a habitat for it. Habitat builds have a distinct size and shape, however, it is up to you to determine where your figure lives


    • - try and stay within the parameters shown here
    • -examples
    • -more examples


    • Maximum of two entries per person.
    • You can only use one Minifigure per design.
    • While the Minifigure doesn’t have to be an official design if it is a licensed figure it…
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  • ToanDoSong6789

    After the end of part 3, Here's a list of unused images that need to be deleted, around here:

    • 70910 Batman.png √
    • 70910 The Scarecrow.png √
    • 70911 Batman.png √
    • 70911 The Penguin.png √
    • 76088-sakaarian.jpg √
    • CapNomad.jpg √
    • Rocket Raccon IW.jpg √
    • Shuri IW.jpg √
    • 75115 Spider-Man vs Venom Mech Box.jpeg √
    • 2019Robin.PNG √
    • 2019CommissionerGordon.PNG √
    • 2019Joker.PNG √
    • 2019MrFreeze.PNG √
    • 2019TwoFace.PNG √
    • 2019Riddler.PNG √
    • 40343-lego-spider-man-far-home-minifigure-pack-2019 2.jpg √
    • 40343-lego-spider-man-far-home-minifigure-pack-2019 10.jpg √

    Well, After the end of part 1, 2 and 3, This is the final part of Unused image that need to be deleted on the Wiki.

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  • Mnkae

    Monkey King

    June 5, 2020 by Mnkae

    Once upon a time...

    I went to a random store that sells Lego sets, I saw the new Series 19 of Minifigures, and saw this cool minifigure on the cover, it looked like a Monkey emperor. So me and my brother, Nmnkae bought six packs on Minifigures from Series 19. We got Dog Walker, Video Gamer, Mummy, Pet owner, and two Intergalactic Bounty Hunters (which I thought all of them were cool except the Dog Walker) from the bags. I was triggered that I didn't get that awesome looking Monkey emperor.

    A few months later, when people went into quarantine, I found out about the upcoming theme, Monkie Kid. I thought it was cool and looked at all of the leaks. But just today did I get this information from the poster. So there was this poster for Monkie Kid…

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  • Jared4170

    About Brian4178

    May 31, 2020 by Jared4170

    Brian4178, also known as Brian Johnson, is a fan of Marvel, He is my and Jay4190 best friend. and he is a fan of LEGO, Ninjago, DC, Star Wars and Marvel.

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  • Jay4190

    Guys, Here's a list of duplicate images that need to be deleted, around here:

    • Sh366.png √
    • AquamanJL.PNG √
    • MilesMoralesMarvel2.PNG √
    • VultureLEGO2.PNG
    • Sh503.png √
    • Sh546.png √
    • Milesboy.PNG √
    • ŹOKIER.PNG √
    • Goblinboy.PNG √
    • Tinyantboy.PNG √
    • Endgamehulk.PNG √
    • Endgamenebula.PNG √
    • 40343-lego-spider-man-far-home-minifigure-pack-2019 9.jpg √
    • Sw1023.png √
    • Sw1047.png √
    • Sw1048.png √
    • Sw1050.png √
    • Sw1054.png √
    • Sw1055.png √
    • Sw1056.png √
    • Sw1058.png √
    • Sw1066.png √
    • 76150 alt6.jpg √
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  • Jared4170

    Hey guys, Please forgive Jay4190 because he apologize for his behavior.

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  • ToanDoSong6789

    After the end of part 2, Here's a list of unused images that need to be deleted, around here:

    • 2016RedHood.jpeg √
    • 34331510840 34fa136a04 b.jpg √
    • 10754 Sandman.jpeg √
    • 10754 Scarlet Spider.jpeg √
    • 76098-Killer Frost.jpeg √
    • Lego.avengers-76101-outrider-dropship-attack-600x543.jpg √
    • Lego-76104-hulkbuster-smashup-600x634.jpg √
    • Spider Man (Infinity War).png √
    • Chewbacca (Solo).png √
    • Lando Calrissian (Solo).png √
    • Qi'ra (Solo).png √
    • ThanosLEGOEG.PNG √
    • 44144792395 d8e10caa31 b2.png √
    • Wong IW.png √
    • Sh519.png √
    • 76114.jpeg √
    • 76127 Captain Marvel Skrull Attack set 1.jpg √
    • LEGOCaptainMarvel(Film).png √
    • LEGONickFuryCaptainMarvel.png √
    • LEGOTalos(Film).png √
    • Lego War Machine Endgame.jpg √
    • Lego Mark 1 Endgame.jpg √
    • Lego Mark 5 Endgame.jpg √
    • Lego Mark 41 Endgame.jpg √
    • Lego War Machine…
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  • Jay4190

    My apology message

    May 30, 2020 by Jay4190

    Hey guys, I apologize for my behavior.

    I'm sorry for what i did, I need to stop doing something bad. Please forgive me.

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  • ToanDoSong6789

    Here's a list of unused and duplicate images that need to be deleted, around here:

    • 70909 Alfred.jpg √
    • 70909 Penguin.jpg √
    • 70912 Aaron Cash.jpg √
    • 70912 Catowman (Jumpsuit).jpg √
    • 70912 Dr. Harleen Quinzel.jpg √
    • 70912 Robin.jpg √
    • 70912 Poison Ivy (Jumpsuit).jpg √
    • 70912 The Riddler (Jumpsuit).jpg √
    • 70912 Two-Face (Jumpsuit).jpg √
    • 70901 Batman.jpg √
    • 70909 Batman.jpg √
    • 70905 Robin.jpg √
    • 70903 Calendar Man.jpg √
    • 70904 The Mayor.jpg √
    • 70907 Zebra Man.jpg √
    • LEGO A.I.M. Agent √
    • LEGO A.I.M. Agent.png √
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  • Felix Steiner

    hey Brickipeda!

    I am apologiying for my baehavior to the community today it was wrong to do

    I am sory apologoy

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  • Brian4178

    After the end of Old unused images need to be deleted and Unused images that need to be deleted 1 and 2, All of the unused DC and Marvel images has been deleted! Now thank you so much LIGHTNING HAWK and Ahawk007 for deleting these unused images.

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  • Joža Bezeg


    I was thinking, how great would it be, if LEGO released OLD Minifigures in a Minifigures series. Everybody would have old faces (yes, capt. Redbeard too). Only eyes would be new. It would feature: -Johnny Thunder -Sam Sinister -Slyboots -Gail Storm -Harry Cane -Dr. Kilroy -Capt. Redbeard -Capt. Ironhook -First Mate Rummy -Flashfork -Adm. Woodhouse + soldier -Gov. Broadside + soldier -Adm. Don Diego De Lego -Sgt. Speedy -King Kahuka -Achu -The Bat Lord + knight -Willa The Witch -...

    What do you think?

    Joža Bezeg - Joe Eldertree

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  • Super Poison Ivy

    Attention, everybody in the Villains Wiki. I am Super Poison Ivy. I am permanently considered to be one of the most trustworthy and honorable users in the Villains Wiki. I will follow the rules at all times. I will do a great job. I have a strong desire to be constructive. I can always talk to my friends in the Villains Wiki. I will never gloat. I will never break the rules. I will remain unblocked forever. I am here to make the Villains Wiki great. I can perform an action on a great job at all times. I am respected. I am a hero. I act like an innocent person. I am extremely competent and intelligent. I am also known to insert true information. So that's why I am trusted at all times.

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  • Sophia0306

    Speak Up!

    April 18, 2020 by Sophia0306

    For the girls on this wiki, (which there are very few), speak up! I know that I would. You can do anything here, even though you're a girl. We can do the things the boys can. So, for the VERY FEW GIRLS ON THIS WIKI, speak up!

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  • Sophia0306


    April 15, 2020 by Sophia0306

    I'm someone new-ish. I love fitting in with others! You're welcome to stop by my talk page if you want. Thanks.

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  • ToanDoSong6789

    After the end of part 1, Here's a list of unused images that need to be deleted, around here:

    • 70905 Batman.jpg √
    • 70906 Batgirl.jpg √
    • 70906 Harley Quinn.jpg √
    • 70906 Joker.jpg √
    • 70908 Barbara Gordon GCPD.jpg √
    • 70908 Commissioner Gordon.jpg √
    • 70908 Dick Grayson.jpg √
    • 70908 Joker.jpg √
    • Batman 70914.jpg √
    • Harley Quinn Skirt 70916.jpg √
    • SpideyBoots!!!.png √
    • ProximaMidnight.PNG √
    • Shuri.PNG √
    • Zagadki.jpg √
    • PeterParker FFH.jpg √
    • MJ.jpg √
    • 2020blackpanther.PNG √
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  • ButterBlaziken230

    Since Mixels is Lego, I decided to put this here aswell as the Mixels Wiki.

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  • Poodabran

    What's up my fellow brickheads! Poodabran is here with some ideas. This time, I'm here with some ideas for my favorite Lego City lineup called Great Vehicles. So without further to do, here you are! Enjoy!

    City Bus - I always loved buses made by City. I'm surprised Lego hasn't slipped a City bus under its Great Vehicles line. Unfortunately, they only appear in mega sets and some standalone passenger transport related sets.

    Heavy Wrecker - Another vehicle that I always felt Lego was good at was the tow truck. However, I'm hoping for another heavy wrecker for 2021. My hope is for something using the same shape as the wrecker that was included in the 2009 Garage set and using the Octan logo. Nod to the tow truck from the old Fast Track Finish an…

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  • Poodabran

    City Subtheme Ideas 1

    March 18, 2020 by Poodabran
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  • SpecialOperationsTrooper

    I've joined Eurobricks after having seen a chance to accept another quest against the Nexo-Knights. I am "Viper Knight".

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  • Toa Kopaka Nuva

    Pages to make

    March 11, 2020 by Toa Kopaka Nuva
    • LEGO House
    • Brickfair (and other major LEGO Conventions, LEGO Fan Culture Category)
    • Brickset
    • Brickipedia-as content page
    • JangBricks
    • LEGO Ambassador Network
    • LEGO User Group
    • LEGO Certified Professional
    • LEGO ReBrick- update
    • Add lots of detail to LEGO Masters
    • Many LEGO Designers
    • Actors in LEGO Movies
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  • 9lbetancourt

    Thanks for 120 Bricks

    February 27, 2020 by 9lbetancourt

    For The Lego fandom and this wikia/fandom. and to David

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  • 9lbetancourt

    Thanks for 10 Points

    February 25, 2020 by 9lbetancourt

    Thanks for 10 Points on Brickipedia and The Lego fandom You welcome

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  • EinsteinBlllllllllll


    January 23, 2020 by EinsteinBlllllllllll

    There is existence of moby music brickfilms like Zap?

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  • Brian4178

    (Inspired by TDS6789) Here's a list of old unused images that need to be deleted, Around here:

    • TheBat Prod.jpg √
    • Guard Prod.jpg √
    • Ivy Prod.jpg √
    • ScareCrow Prod.jpg √
    • Kilian.png √
    • ExtremisSoldier.png √
    • PepperPotts.png √
    • MandarinRobed.png √
    • Falcon..png √
    • Task Master.jpg √
    • The Mighty Avenger.jpg √
    • Rocketmarvel.jpg √
    • Gotglego007-600x600.jpg √
    • Nebula Galaxy.jpg √
    • Cyclops1.jpg √
    • Sentinal X-Men.jpg √
    • Scarlet Witch 2015.jpg √
    • SandmanPhysical.png √
    • Scuba-Iron Man.jpg √
    • 49130094 Alt17.jpg √
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  • Snolid Ice

    Shouldn't LEGO The Incredibles count as a superhero page or am i over thinking it, probs overthinking it.

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  • ToanDoSong6789

    Here's a list of unused images that need to be deleted, around here:

    • Snokelastjedi.PNG √
    • Bblastjedi.PNG √
    • Fosp.PNG √
    • Vision2018.PNG √
    • DocStrange2018.PNG √
    • CorvusGlaive2018.PNG √
    • EM2018.jpg √
    • Cap2018.PNG √
    • Bw.JPG √
    • Shuri2018.PNG √
    • BlackWidowIW.PNG √
    • CorvusGlaive.PNG √
    • CullObsidian.PNG √
    • DoctorStrange.PNG √
    • EbonyMaw.PNG √
    • FalconWakanda.PNG √
    • GrootTeenage.PNG √
    • GamoraNewSuit.PNG √
    • IronSpiderMan.PNG √
    • Han Solo (Imperial Disguise).png √
    • Tobias Beckett.png √
    • Tony Stark IW.png √
    • War Machine IW.png √
    • White Wolf IW.png √
    • Capbike.PNG √
    • Capboy.PNG √
    • Antboy.PNG √
    • Superjet.PNG √
    • Assassingirl.PNG √
    • Spidergirl.PNG √
    • Spiderboy2099.PNG √
    • Magicboy.PNG √
    • Outriderattack.PNG √
    • Endgamecap.PNG √
    • Endgameantman.PNG √
    • Endgamewarmachine.PNG √
    • Warbuster2.PNG √
    • Warmachinemk4.5.PNG √
    • Ironmammk1.PNG √
    • Ironma…
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  • Thatstinkyguy

    I'm back

    December 7, 2019 by Thatstinkyguy

    As of December 7, 2019, I am back on Brickipedia! Expect some edits on articles from me here and there, as well as a custom or two. Unfortunately, I won't make edits constantly.

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  • Akke32

    about your green minifiure

    November 2, 2019 by Akke32

    Ive done some research and your green boi (calling it that for ease of writing) has no other photos of it expect yours if you could give me more information about this it would be be helpful but don't grow it out because it may be a real rare so helb me by telling me the date you found it and how this could help me lodes with my reserch in to the green boi

    thank you tldr read thing please

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  • Nitewing1124

    No Leaks Allowed

    October 4, 2019 by Nitewing1124

    I have learned this from experience, so let me say that information based on leaks will not be tolerated on any pages. There has been information being spread on multiple DC Comics minifig pages that should NOT be on the wiki. LEGO themselves have not confirmed a DC minifig series. All this information is being spread through leaks. This sort of information should be considered false until we get an official confirmation.

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  • BigMickeyNeedsAWoodModel

    Bulldoozer21 has an awesome idea: For 50 years, weve been asking how to get to Sesame street - If we give him support, Sesame Street will be brought to our living rooms! Let's all wish good luck to Bulldoozer21.

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  • Anonymous 432452

    I saw that there are some people who are fans of the Hidden Side so I created a fandom for it. Here it is Does anybody wan't to join it I am trying to built up the fandom, and I need members.--Mysteryman3177 (talk) 19:16, September 8, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Isaí Fan of LEGO

    This is a demostration of how could have been the LEGO Batman Theme.


    • Batman
    • Robin
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  • Isaí Fan of LEGO

    This blospot is for make a demostration of how the theme of LEGO Indiana Jones could have been.


    • Indiana Jones (Original, Professor, Cairo, Desert Disguise and Blue Suit)
    • Marion Ravenwood (Original, Cairo, Evening Dress and Nightgown)
    • Sallah (Original and Desert)
    • Jock
    • Satipo
    • Marcus Brody
    • Hovitos Tribesmen
    • Sherpa Goons
    • Cairo Goons
    • Cairo Swordsman
    • German Agent
    • Monkey Man
    • Desert Digger
    • German Mechanic
    • Barranca
    • Jungle Guide
    • German Soldiers (Light tan and Sand green uniform)
    • Belloq (Original, Jungle and Priest)
    • Major Toht
    • Colonel Dietrich
    • Major Gobler
    • Captain Katanga
    • Messenger Pirate
    • Mr. Eaton
    • Mr. Musgrove
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  • BatBrick2006


    August 27, 2019 by BatBrick2006

    I have gotten information that there might be something coming out for batman october 2020.of course though this might be fake news I dont know.

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    Here's a list of stuff that needs to be done, around here:

    • 2018 Creator sets
    • 2019 Duplo sets
    • 2019 friends sets
    • Update Overwatch minifigure pages
    • Update and rate 2019 Star Wars sets
    • 2018 Technic sets
    • Rate articles (admins only)
    • Patrol Customs (Shiva's on it)
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  • Shiva Kuzunasee

    heya brickipedians. shiva's speaking. does anyone of you remember my customs? so, yeah, i just thought and decided, that i'm gonna be looking for the students, whom i can tell how to write really interesting and good-looking students. and then, there's gonna be a contest in customs

    so, leave a comment below, if you want to take part

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  • Bio-mech Matthew Riley

    I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!! After being severely disrespected on the SOD Wiki, I've decided to cut all contact with this and any wiki involving dragons of any kind or sort!!!!!!!!! That means no more Brickipedia, (thank you Ollie the Dragon for that one), Wookieepedia, (Thank you Kayat Dragon, I don't even care if I spelled your name right), HTTYD Wiki, SOD Wiki, Harry Potter Wiki, or any other wiki involving the word Dragon!!!!! I AM SO DONE!!!!!! Never, and I mean NEVER, have I felt so darn betrayed, insulted, embarrassed, and overall degraded by the internet!!!!!!! Hmph, I personally thought there was nothing wrong with my Flight Suit Images, and I was really proud of them, but no, one of those filthy admins had the NERVE to tell me that …

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  • DCT0473

    With the majority of the Summer 2019 sets having pictures released, this is my Summer 2019 Lego wishlist. Enjoy!

    City Sets:

    -60227 - Lunar Space Station: I'm not much of a City guy these days (I think we can all admit that Creator has been pumping out better civilian-based sets these days anyways) but I will admit this set does look pretty cool. It's a good price, and is very modular and spacious. Will definitely pick up when I get the chance.

    -60234 and 60230 - 2019 People Packs: I've always enjoyed the People Packs sets, and this year we're getting two! I will admit, the Fairground People Pack is the better of the two, but the Space Research and Department People Pack also has some pretty good figures.

    Creator Sets:

    -31097 - Townhouse and Pet S…

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  • Loco123456

    Hello everyone,

    "Restore the Magic," a nonprofit organization, needs help in reaching their goal of 10,000 signatures by May 1, 2019. The petition is to help out in getting the director's cut of Thomas' first ever film, "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The director's cut will have the original voices of Thomas, James, Percy, Splatter, Dodge, and Diesel 10. It'll also have P.T Boomer, who was cut from the version released in theaters and is available currently on VHS, DVD, and Digital Download.

    Link to petition:

    Please sign the petition, which you can get to via the link above. Also, please share with friends and family.

    Thank you.

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  • SmashingstarGamer

    NOTE: This was made just days before the game came out and I have no clue what the full roster at the time of me typing this is, so i could be totally wrong in every way possible. I may or may not be breaking the rules but this isn't meant to be a custom article and this is just a fun thing I want to do.

    The Batman DLC contains characters from The LEGO Batman Movie and consists of:

    Batgirl Joker Catwoman General Zod The Riddler The Scarecrow Poison Ivy Two-Face The Penguin Green Arrow El Dorado Hawkgirl

    The Ninjago DLC contains characters from The LEGO Ninjago Movie and consists of:

    Lloyd Kai Jay Cole Zane Nya Wu Garmadon Hammer Head Crusty Four Eyes

    The Dimensions DLC consist of characters who were playable and consists of:

    B.A. Baracus Sonic …

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  • Viktor da Muffin

    I just wanna be sure you know were Lego is from?

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  • MasterAS2000

    Why doesn't the Description work as well as it's supposed to?

    Seriously, look at this page I'm trying to do right now and help me out please.

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