Brian4178 Brian4178 14 January 2020

Old unused images need to be deleted

(Inspired by TDS6789) Here's a list of old unused images that need to be deleted, Around here:

  • TheBat Prod.jpg √
  • Guard Prod.jpg √
  • Ivy Prod.jpg √
  • ScareCrow Prod.jpg √
  • Kilian.png √
  • ExtremisSoldier.png √
  • PepperPotts.png √
  • MandarinRobed.png √
  • Falcon..png √
  • Task Master.jpg √
  • The Mighty Avenger.jpg √
  • Rocketmarvel.jpg √
  • Gotglego007-600x600.jpg √
  • Nebula Galaxy.jpg √
  • Cyclops1.jpg √
  • Sentinal X-Men.jpg √
  • Scarlet Witch 2015.jpg √
  • SandmanPhysical.png √
  • Scuba-Iron Man.jpg √
  • 49130094 Alt17.jpg √
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Snolid Ice Snolid Ice 14 January 2020

Idk if this matters but....

Shouldn't LEGO The Incredibles count as a superhero page or am i over thinking it, probs overthinking it.

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ToanDoSong6789 ToanDoSong6789 14 January 2020

Unused image that need to be deleted on the Wiki

Here's a list of unused images that need to be deleted, around here:

  • Snokelastjedi.PNG √
  • Bblastjedi.PNG √
  • Fosp.PNG √
  • Vision2018.PNG √
  • DocStrange2018.PNG √
  • CorvusGlaive2018.PNG √
  • EM2018.jpg √
  • Cap2018.PNG √
  • Bw.JPG √
  • Shuri2018.PNG √
  • BlackWidowIW.PNG √
  • CorvusGlaive.PNG √
  • CullObsidian.PNG √
  • DoctorStrange.PNG √
  • EbonyMaw.PNG √
  • FalconWakanda.PNG √
  • GrootTeenage.PNG √
  • GamoraNewSuit.PNG √
  • IronSpiderMan.PNG √
  • Han Solo (Imperial Disguise).png √
  • Tobias Beckett.png √
  • Tony Stark IW.png √
  • War Machine IW.png √
  • White Wolf IW.png √
  • Capbike.PNG √
  • Capboy.PNG √
  • Antboy.PNG √
  • Superjet.PNG √
  • Assassingirl.PNG √
  • Spidergirl.PNG √
  • Spiderboy2099.PNG √
  • Magicboy.PNG √
  • Outriderattack.PNG √
  • Endgamecap.PNG √
  • Endgameantman.PNG √
  • Endgamewarmachine.PNG √
  • Warbuster2.PNG √
  • Warmachinemk4.5.PNG √
  • Ironmammk1.PNG √
  • Ironman…
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Thatstinkyguy Thatstinkyguy 7 December 2019

I'm back

As of December 7, 2019, I am back on Brickipedia! Expect some edits on articles from me here and there, as well as a custom or two. Unfortunately, I won't make edits constantly.

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Akke32 Akke32 2 November 2019

about your green minifiure

Ive done some research and your green boi (calling it that for ease of writing) has no other photos of it expect yours if you could give me more information about this it would be be helpful but don't grow it out because it may be a real rare so helb me by telling me the date you found it and how this could help me lodes with my reserch in to the green boi

thank you tldr read thing please

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Nitewing1124 Nitewing1124 4 October 2019

No Leaks Allowed

I have learned this from experience, so let me say that information based on leaks will not be tolerated on any pages. There has been information being spread on multiple DC Comics minifig pages that should NOT be on the wiki. LEGO themselves have not confirmed a DC minifig series. All this information is being spread through leaks. This sort of information should be considered false until we get an official confirmation.

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BigMickeyNeedsAWoodModel BigMickeyNeedsAWoodModel 14 September 2019

Let's all wish good luck for Bulldoozer21!

Bulldoozer21 has an awesome idea: For 50 years, weve been asking how to get to Sesame street - If we give him support, Sesame Street will be brought to our living rooms! Let's all wish good luck to Bulldoozer21.

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Anonymous 432452 Anonymous 432452 1 April 2020

The Hidden Side Fandom

I saw that there are some people who are fans of the Hidden Side so I created a fandom for it. Here it is Does anybody wan't to join it I am trying to built up the fandom, and I need members.--Mysteryman3177 (talk) 19:16, September 8, 2019 (UTC)

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Isaí Fan of LEGO Isaí Fan of LEGO 3 September 2019

LEGO Batman (Theme) (How could have been)

This is a demostration of how could have been the LEGO Batman Theme.


  • Batman
  • Robin
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Isaí Fan of LEGO Isaí Fan of LEGO 3 September 2019

LEGO Indian a Jones (Theme) (How would have been)

This blospot is for make a demostration of how the theme of LEGO Indiana Jones could have been.


  • Indiana Jones (Original, Professor, Cairo, Desert Disguise and Blue Suit)
  • Marion Ravenwood (Original, Cairo, Evening Dress and Nightgown)
  • Sallah (Original and Desert)
  • Jock
  • Satipo
  • Marcus Brody
  • Hovitos Tribesmen
  • Sherpa Goons
  • Cairo Goons
  • Cairo Swordsman
  • German Agent
  • Monkey Man
  • Desert Digger
  • German Mechanic
  • Barranca
  • Jungle Guide
  • German Soldiers (Light tan and Sand green uniform)
  • Belloq (Original, Jungle and Priest)
  • Major Toht
  • Colonel Dietrich
  • Major Gobler
  • Captain Katanga
  • Messenger Pirate
  • Mr. Eaton
  • Mr. Musgrove
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BatBrick2006 BatBrick2006 27 August 2019


I have gotten information that there might be something coming out for batman october 2020.of course though this might be fake news I dont know.

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Stuff to do on the Wiki

Here's a list of stuff that needs to be done, around here:

  • 2018 Creator sets
  • 2019 Duplo sets
  • 2019 friends sets
  • Update Overwatch minifigure pages
  • Update and rate 2019 Star Wars sets
  • 2018 Technic sets
  • Rate articles (admins only)
  • Patrol Customs (Shiva's on it)
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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 17 July 2019

looking for padawans

heya brickipedians. shiva's speaking. does anyone of you remember my customs? so, yeah, i just thought and decided, that i'm gonna be looking for the students, whom i can tell how to write really interesting and good-looking students. and then, there's gonna be a contest in customs

so, leave a comment below, if you want to take part

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Bio-mech Matthew Riley Bio-mech Matthew Riley 21 June 2019

I'm leaving, good riddance!!!!!!

I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!! After being severely disrespected on the SOD Wiki, I've decided to cut all contact with this and any wiki involving dragons of any kind or sort!!!!!!!!! That means no more Brickipedia, (thank you Ollie the Dragon for that one), Wookieepedia, (Thank you Kayat Dragon, I don't even care if I spelled your name right), HTTYD Wiki, SOD Wiki, Harry Potter Wiki, or any other wiki involving the word Dragon!!!!! I AM SO DONE!!!!!! Never, and I mean NEVER, have I felt so darn betrayed, insulted, embarrassed, and overall degraded by the internet!!!!!!! Hmph, I personally thought there was nothing wrong with my Flight Suit Images, and I was really proud of them, but no, one of those filthy admins had the NERVE to tell me that …

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DCT0473 DCT0473 3 June 2019

Upcoming Sets Wishlist

With the majority of the Summer 2019 sets having pictures released, this is my Summer 2019 Lego wishlist. Enjoy!

City Sets:

-60227 - Lunar Space Station: I'm not much of a City guy these days (I think we can all admit that Creator has been pumping out better civilian-based sets these days anyways) but I will admit this set does look pretty cool. It's a good price, and is very modular and spacious. Will definitely pick up when I get the chance.

-60234 and 60230 - 2019 People Packs: I've always enjoyed the People Packs sets, and this year we're getting two! I will admit, the Fairground People Pack is the better of the two, but the Space Research and Department People Pack also has some pretty good figures.

Creator Sets:

-31097 - Townhouse and Pet S…

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Loco123456 Loco123456 7 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad: Director's Cut Petition - Please Sign

Hello everyone,

"Restore the Magic," a nonprofit organization, needs help in reaching their goal of 10,000 signatures by May 1, 2019. The petition is to help out in getting the director's cut of Thomas' first ever film, "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The director's cut will have the original voices of Thomas, James, Percy, Splatter, Dodge, and Diesel 10. It'll also have P.T Boomer, who was cut from the version released in theaters and is available currently on VHS, DVD, and Digital Download.

Link to petition:

Please sign the petition, which you can get to via the link above. Also, please share with friends and family.

Thank you.

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SmashingstarGamer SmashingstarGamer 24 February 2019

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game DLC Predictions

NOTE: This was made just days before the game came out and I have no clue what the full roster at the time of me typing this is, so i could be totally wrong in every way possible. I may or may not be breaking the rules but this isn't meant to be a custom article and this is just a fun thing I want to do.

The Batman DLC contains characters from The LEGO Batman Movie and consists of:

Batgirl Joker Catwoman General Zod The Riddler The Scarecrow Poison Ivy Two-Face The Penguin Green Arrow El Dorado Hawkgirl

The Ninjago DLC contains characters from The LEGO Ninjago Movie and consists of:

Lloyd Kai Jay Cole Zane Nya Wu Garmadon Hammer Head Crusty Four Eyes

The Dimensions DLC consist of characters who were playable and consists of:

B.A. Baracus Sonic …

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Viktor da Muffin Viktor da Muffin 4 February 2019

What country is lego made in?

I just wanna be sure you know were Lego is from?

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MasterAS2000 MasterAS2000 13 January 2019

I need help with something.

Why doesn't the Description work as well as it's supposed to?

Seriously, look at this page I'm trying to do right now and help me out please.

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 9 January 2019

Ninjago Dragons I wish were sets

10. Miscellaneous Elemental Dragons
So with the whole idea that every Elemental Master can summon their own Elemental Dragon, there's some desire in me to see these dragons as sets. However, given the number of Elemental Masters, I'd imagine these dragons would be pretty low quality, not to mention it'd basically be the same dragon given a bunch of different color schemes. The appeal that we would get figures of the Elemental Masters with said sets (presumably) is also impacted by the fact that most of the Elemental Masters have already been released as minifigures. Of course, it could potentially be a cool way for us to get some Serpentine War era masters, but I wouldn't expect to see a whole line dedicated to them. Hence, various Element…

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TheDarkness67 TheDarkness67 18 December 2018

Meryy Christmas

People Of Brickipedia, I Hope you all have a Fun Christmas And A Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sorry People but on the Title I mean Merry not Meryy

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Some AT-MT Some AT-MT 11 December 2018

hi im new here!

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The fresh prince of green hill The fresh prince of green hill 17 November 2018

What sould i build form Lego

so i going build a m151a2 of a humvee what have you any ideas

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Gelson viana Gelson viana 11 November 2018

Lego Cw The Flash

I would love to see a set the flash cw with star labs


  • Killer Frost
  • Vibe
  • iris West
  • The Flash
  • Joe West
  • Kid Flash
  • Nora West Allen
  • H.R
  • Savitar
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Hornbricker Hornbricker 30 September 2018


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Thatstinkyguy Thatstinkyguy 4 September 2018

Thatstinkyguy’s Old Brickipedia User Page Archive

  • I also tried making a LEGO Minecraft video game, a LEGO National Treasure video game, and a LEGO Top Gear video game. I never made any logos for them.

  • The Postman (1997)
  • The Matrix
  • Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back
  • UHF
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • The Truman Show
  • The Passion of the Christ
  • The Sixth Sense
  • The General (1926)
  • The Good, the Bad, & The Ugly
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe films
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Phineas & Ferb (aka, The Best Disney Show of All Time!)
  • 24
  • Hogan’s Heroes
  • The Wild Wild West
  • Family Feud
  • LEGO Ideas
  • LEGO Dimensions
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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 17 August 2018

I made a custom if anyone is interested.

Last time I made a custom, it was taken down because it had no images. I hope this is good enough.

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LegendaryGriffin5 LegendaryGriffin5 15 August 2018

Desert Skimmer

WATCH OUT!! Crowbarr is speeding throught in swift Desert Skimmer. Beware the stud shooting vengstone grable hooks and fire exhaust engines. Protect the valuable Dragon Shield with Cole and Kid Wu.

  • Desert Skimmer comes with an opening cockpit, twin-engines with flame detail, stud shooting vengestone grable hooks, weapon storage, and rotating engine propeller.
  • Minifigures include Crowbarr, Cole, and Kid Wu.

Dragon Shrine comes with the Dragon Shield and a rock-firing catapult.

  • Accessories are Cole's hammer, Crowbarr's twin axes, and Kid Wu's small staff.
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Thatstinkyguy Thatstinkyguy 4 July 2018

July 4th, 2018 - Just A Word From Me

I’ve been on this site since August or September of 2015, and for the time I’ve been on this site, it’s been fun. Just seeing so many fans of LEGO just come together to put their hearts and dedication into creating so many great customs, and professional informational pages having to do with LEGO. Thing is, I’m just kind of shifting gears of what I want to do with wikis, and what content I help create or make myself. So, since I haven’t been as active on Brickipedia as I used to, I’m just not going to be on here much anymore. I’ve deleted most of my custom pages, and the three remaining are archived. I won’t leave completely, I’m just going to make at the most 3 edits a month maybe on here from here on out. And I thank all of you for voici…

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Connormchenry97 Connormchenry97 26 May 2018

LEGO Ninjago: Sons of Garmadon

LEGO Ninjago: Sons of Garmadon is the eighth season of the hit animated series and also a package film.

  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Cast
  • 4 Trivia

Coming Thanksgiving from Steven Spielberg, "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West".

Coming Up!

  • Chopper Maroon - Sam Vincent
  • Cole - Kirby Morrow
  • Dareth - Alan Marriott
  • Dr. Julien - Mark Oliver
  • Emperor of Ninjago - Richard Newman
  • Empress of Ninjago - Ellen Kennedy
  • Garmadon - Mark Oliver
  • Harumi - Britt McKillip
  • Hutchins - Alan Marriott
  • Jay - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Killow - Garry Chalk
  • Lloyd - Sam Vincent
  • Luke Cunningham - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Master/Toddler Wu - Paul Dobson, Kelly Metzger, Caleb Skeris
  • Misako - Kathleen Barr
  • Mr. E - Brent Miller
  • Nya - Kelly Metzger
  • P.I.X.A.L./Samurai X - Jennifer Hayward, Michael Donovan
  • Ultr…

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Thelonecommander20 Thelonecommander20 4 April 2018

LEGO Anime Crossover Franchise Ideas

This blog will be updated from time to time by me to show which anime franchises I may add into the custom game's page. I may also include a DLC section. A characters list will be added under the specific anime title. 30 franchises will be added as the main game's franchises, whilst some of the ones not picked will be DLC.

  • 1 Franchises
    • 1.1 Attack on Titan
    • 1.2 Bleach
    • 1.3 Dragon Ball
    • 1.4 Fairy Tail
    • 1.5 Monster Musume
    • 1.6 My Hero Academia
    • 1.7 Naruto
    • 1.8 One Piece
    • 1.9 One-Punch Man
    • 1.10 Seraph of the End
  • 2 DLC
  • 3 Won't Make It

Heroes (Unlocked in story):

  • Eren Yaeger
  • Mikasa Ackermann


  • Annie Leonhart
  • Reiner Braun

Heroes (Unlocked in story):

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

Heroes (Unlocked in story):

  • Goku


  • Frieza


  • Android 21

Heroes (Unlocked in story):

  • Kimihito Kurusu
  • Miia
  • Papi
  • Centore…

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Bio-mech Matthew Riley Bio-mech Matthew Riley 15 March 2018

Yes, I'm still alive... Sad, isn't it?

Yes, I Bio-mech Matthew Riley, aka Brickticks, am still alive. To be honest, this wiki is very out of date. Is there even anybody here who remembers me? If there's not, OK then. I'm doing fine, still no girlfriend, or kids, but I do have a new little second cousin. I'm also the proud owner of a 10x14' Lego Display, and it's ever expanding. I play No Man's Sky now, I know, I know, I such a nerd. My job at the Hero Factory is busy as ever, still burin' core. I have a mini-fridge now. I'm no longer active on, especially since they ditched the Message Board. It's currently past 11 PM where I am. I'm no longer active on My Lego Network, big surprise there. I also just celebrated my 23rd birthday a few days ago. Anyways, I'…

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Comicdrawer34 Comicdrawer34 25 February 2018

About the powerpuff girls sets

there the 2016 powerpuff girls

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Nerferandlegofan Nerferandlegofan 30 January 2018

i just joined!

finally i have found the lego wiki! after years of searching i have found it after searching for info for an essay. theire are typos in this so you newbies can corect them. but whoever made this wiki is a genius!

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 17 January 2018


Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 11:03, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

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JohnnyThePorg JohnnyThePorg 14 January 2018

Is it upload official LEGO sets photos that are leaked?

Renamed title: Is it allowed to upload official LEGO set photos that are leaked?

Hi there! If you are one of the admins or the bureaucrats of the wiki, I have a question. Since some of the users are uploading leaked photos about LEGO today in this wiki, is it allowed to upload official LEGO set photos that are leaked?

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LegoCollector2099 LegoCollector2099 8 January 2018



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WikiMaker518 WikiMaker518 30 December 2017

I'm sick but I still will edit stuff!

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Lavertus Lavertus 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas

On behalf of the staff team, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Maatykki Maatykki 18 December 2017

tv sarja

hyvää tv sarja

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Lavertus Lavertus 12 December 2017

Christmas Contest: What the winner receives

I had best clarify what you will receive, should you win the Christmas contest 2017. I will be designing a template which can be displayed on the winner's profile. The winning entry will also be given a proper custom page. In the meantime, could all entries please be put into a blog post (if there are multiple pictures and/or a description to go with it) and add a link to that in the forum thread.

Please also bare in mind that entries must be a festive makeover of an EXISTING set; we have already received one invalid entry.

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Views06 Views06 12 December 2017

Upcoming Miniseries I'm making

I will make a miniseries here soon.

Stupid Spaceventures Coming January 2018!

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Wave9Nut Wave9Nut 7 December 2017

New 2018 sets

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Riverdale Chauffeur Riverdale Chauffeur 12 June 2018

Lego Nexo Knights or Castle (2013)

You read the title and clicked the blog post. Though this may be my first on this wiki, I have written many on others. Okay, so you guys probably already know what this is going to be about: two lego themes and which one is "better." First off, I just want to say that I'm no reviewer; I'm just someone who is listing the "pros and cons" of each theme. Let's start.

Lego Castle (2013) brought a new type of "feel" to the table. Yes, it did seem a lot like Kingdoms, but it was different enough to be another great theme. The blue and white of the Lion Knights is very eye-catching, and so is the red and black of the Dragon Knights. The theme had many similar things as Kingdoms, such as a ballista and "gatehouses." Although it did not contain many se…

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 20 October 2017

Battle Arena: Expert Agents

So, Captain Roger couldn't catch the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow and was defeated by him! Our congratulations, Jack! You're in the next stage of the Tournament!

Now, we have two other combatants here! Both of them are very experienced agents. Both of them defeated very powerful villain. Both of them are cool, and look even cooler, when they are wearing sunglasses! I always wanted that day to come, y'know… The day, I witness the battle between Agent Chase and Dash Justice!

Roger, roger!

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 19 October 2017

Battle Arena: The Legendary Pirates

The second battle was over so quickly! Batman taught Tony Stark a lesson about being egoistic, and nobody even voted for Iron Man! So we have a second bat-winner!

Meanwhile, legendary pirate Captain Redbeard walks onto the Arena and sees…

— Jack Sparrow! — he shouts angrily. Jack smiles.

— Captain Jack Sparrow, my friend! — he answers, starting another Arena Battle.


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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 18 October 2017

Battle Arena: Heroes are hard to find!

So, the first Arena Battle is over, and our first winner is Lloyd! Our congratulations to the Green Ninja, because he is going to take part in the next stage of Tournament!

Now, we have two other combatants here! Both of them are very rich super heroes, probably the richest among others from their universes! However, one of them always hides his alter ego, while another one is really show off. That's what they're arguing about right now and… yes, they start fighting in the Arena Battle.

Let the battle begin!

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Anakin Skywalker Sith Lord Anakin Skywalker Sith Lord 17 October 2017

LEGO Indiana Jones 3: The Complete Adventures

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Actors
  • 3 Levels
  • 4 Raiders of the Lost Ark
    • 4.1 Level 1: South America, 1936
    • 4.2 Level 2: Nepal
    • 4.3 Level 3: Egypt City
    • 4.4 Level 4: Well of Souls

For the first time ever you can play all 4 movies and Young Indiana Jones episodes! Take place in the adventure with your favorite characters!

  • Harrison Ford, Sean Patrick Flannery, River Phoenix as Indiana Jones
  • Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood
  • Sean Connery as Henry Jones
  • Kate Blanchett as Irina Spalko
  • Igor Jijikine as Colonel Dovchenko
  • Kate Capshaw as Willie Scott
  • Ke Huy Quan as Short Round
  • Paul Freeman as Belloq
  • Ronald Lacey as Major Toht
  • Amrish Puri as Mola Ram
  • Alfred Molina as Satipo
  • Richard Young as Fedora
  • Michael Byrne as Colonel Vogel
  • Wolf Kahler as Colonel Dietrich
  • Alison Doody as Elsa Schneider

All the di…

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 15 October 2017

Battle Arena: Battle of the Movie Heroes!

Heya, Brickipedians!

This is the beginning of the first Brickipedia event, Battle Arena! Here two characters battle and you vote for characters, whom you consider the best! The one, who gets more votes, wins the battle and proceeds to the next stage of the Arena Tournament!

Here's the list of fighters of the First Tournament:

  • Lloyd, the Green Ninja!
  • Emmet, one of the greatest Master Builders!
  • Batman, the BATtest hero!
  • Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark!
  • Chase McCain, the best police officer of LEGO City!
  • Bad Cop or Good Cop?
  • Captain Redbeard, the legendary pirate!
  • Jestro, the evil guy!
  • Jack Sparrow, no, Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • White Knight, the best Lion knight!
  • Agent Chase, the coolest agent!
  • Dash Justice, the one, who fought with Ogel!

Our first battle wi…

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 1 October 2017

Events Reborn

Heya, Brickipedians!

Today I thought about making some events like some interesting polls or contests. And I've decided to do so!

So, what's going to happen? Here's the list of what I'm going to arrange:

  • Battle Arena.
  • Ninjago Contest.
  • Adventure of the Minifigure.
  • Battle Pack Contest.

More information will be later. The first event is going to be performed today.

Have fun, my dear!

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