Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 8 September 2017

Is Hagrid a Big Fig?

This has been on my mind for a while; is Hagrid a Big Fig? I was wondering for a while, because he is much larger than normal Minifigures, but he has a normal head. Then again, so does Mungus, and nobody thought about any possibility of him NOT being a Big Fig. So, what do YOU think? Vote in the poll down below!

Edit: Case closed, please do not vote on poll, thank you in advance. I am Trigger Happy, not a gremlin, my username makes no sense! (talk) 03:18, September 16, 2017 (UTC)

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 4 September 2017

What Rating do you Think a Hero Factory Game Would be?

Delete this

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 28 August 2017

Favorite Bigfig?

Brick Figs do not count. Dogpound and Leatherhead do not count, either, because they have Minifigure legs. Mungus still counts because he has big legs AND big arms and torso, albeit he has a normal head.

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 20 August 2017

Something like advertisement

Heya, Brickipedians!

One of our dearest editors, Dadaw, has started a comic series «LINK». Recently he has finished the first issue and now is going to make the second. Since I'm the only reader of these series at the moment, Dadaw needs more readers and, at the moment, he can't find a place to spread his comics out. That's why I've created this blog post.

Here's a link to «The LINK». Let's support our friend.

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 8 August 2017

Dino Attack or Dino 2010?

Vote which theme is better! Honestly, I would say Dino 2010; sure, the cars in the two smaller sets look totally bare boned and trash without, like, the Browning Machine Guns and Rocket Propelled Grenades and stuff, but the three largest sets are way better in Dino 2010, with the cages instead of weaponry making the sets larger overall. But you choose what you think!

Dino Attack or Dino 2010? Dino Attack 🔫🎥 Dino 20🔟

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Lavertus Lavertus 3 August 2017

I will be away during weekdays for a short while

Hello, I recently took a holiday and having seen the number of issues that arose in my absence, I have decided to let you know that I will be away without WIFI for four or five days a week for the next four weeks, so don't be agitated if I don't respond to messages. I will be fully active during the weekends however, and am most certainly NOT gone.

Thanks, Lavertus, Bureaucrat of Brickipedia (talk) 18:19, August 3, 2017 (UTC)

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Wave9Nut Wave9Nut 2 August 2017

Mini figures Worst of the Worst !!!!

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Thelonecommander20 Thelonecommander20 1 August 2017

Custom LEGO Video Games

This here is a blog for all to see the upcoming custom game pages that I'll be making soon or are already up.

  • LEGO Mass Effect: The Original Trilogy
  • LEGO Grimm: The Stories Retold
  • LEGO Mrs Brown's Boys: D'Video Game
  • LEGO Anime Multiverse: The Video Game

Games I may do/planned:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Harry Potter Novels
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Red Dwarf
  • Saints Row
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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 26 July 2017

Favorite LEGO Battle Pack?

What is your favorite LEGO Battle Pack? Mine is Imperial Troop Transport. I would have included a poll, but face it, there would be too many options, so just name your favorite in the comments below.

BTW my second favorite is Droids Battle Pack.

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 24 July 2017

New userbox!

Heya, Brickipedians! I have made an userbox for you: exactly the ones, who collect, collected or like TLM sets!

I realized, that there wasn't a template with TLM collecting sets, so I made that template for everyone. If you want to add one to your profile, paste the following code into your user page:

Have fun, my dear!

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NexoByte NexoByte 17 July 2017

LEGO Awards Ideas

After participating in Super Mario Wiki's annual Mario Awards, I suddenly thought, "What if LEGO has an anuual award ceremony as well?" Here are my ideas:

There could be three categories: the LEGO Awards, the Fail Awards, and the Brickipedia Awards. A page is created and various polls for these categories are posted on a page. Write-in votes are allowed, though the four tildes (~) should be used. After two months, the final results are recorded and the polls taken down. The results are posted soon afterward. Here are the categories I have come up with:

  • L1: Favorite Minifigure
  • L2: Favorite Ninjago Minifigure
  • L3: Favorite Ideas Set
  • L4: Favorite Licensed Set
  • L5: Favorite Star Wars UCS set
  • L6: Favorite Minifigures Series
  • L7: Favorite Licensed Theme
  • L8:…

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Christopher Dibbs Christopher Dibbs 30 May 2017


I have been informed by Lavertus that various cases of vandalism have occurred. If possible, could you look out for any cases while editing? This would help out the Administrators a lot. Thanks.

(I have included the original message below.)

"Recently, I have noticed a radical increase in the levels of vandalism on the Wiki; in the last few days, we experienced one every day. As a result, i am asking you to keep your eyes open for vandalism, which usualy takes the form of racism or inapropriate comments with pages being regularly renamed. If you do notice any vandalism or spam on the live chat, please report it to an Administrator or myself. Please also keep your eyes out for any pages that suffer from regular vandalism, I have already had to…

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 21 May 2017

Again, please, help!

I'm sorry to disturb you again with my questions, but I again can't decide which Custom should I make. Please, dear guys, help me choose a theme for Custom VG: Space or World City?

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Alternative Lego Builds

I'm thinking of custom alternate builds for my vehicles in lego city and lego dimensions any ideas?

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Shiva Kuzunasee Shiva Kuzunasee 17 May 2017

Help, please.

Brickipedians, I need your help. I want to create new Custom video game, but I can't decide which game would it be. I wrote a lot of Customs about Castle (two more Customs about that theme will be later). There's a little wish to create a video game about Space, but I'm not sure.

What can you advice? Please, help.

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GH l JFK fun GH l JFK fun 30 April 2017



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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 9 April 2017

Have LEGO products become more violent?

Around exactly a year ago an unusually large amount of news reports covered this. I dunno but I am really interested now. IMO they have not, but I want to hear what you think, I wanna hear your opinion. For more information, go to this Brickset article:


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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 7 April 2017

MOC's by me. Also, I'm not dead.

Hey, guys. I'm Zombiehunter115, and it's been a while since I posted MOCs on here. With that said, here they are.

I also have like three things of Lego compatible swag. Thought I'd throw them in here. If you guys like them, I can tell you where I got them.

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Lavertus Lavertus 1 April 2017


I am aware of a few areas of the Wiki that need improvement but I would like to ask the community, which areas do you think need improving? Please remember that I am an Admin so I am in a great position to fix any areas you bring to my attention.

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JeagerEX12 JeagerEX12 28 February 2017

DC Super Hero Girls LEGO theme is worst

The reason why I don't buy those sets because the theme and the franchise made it very worst than before. The story is inaccurate especially the following below:

Poison Ivy is not actually a heroine except in Arkhamverse. Amanda Waller is a principal. Gorilla Grodd is an assistant principal but he is a villain in the comics. WTH is that? They made Harambe upset since he died. Commissioner Gordon is a teacher? But he is a police commissioner.

Anyways not only LEGO, but the entire franchise is the worst at all.

In my opinion, They made it very badddd. They don't know culture.

Hope the person who gave this idea to them was fire from WB and DC and ended up trouble sleeping at night.

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JeagerEX12 JeagerEX12 27 February 2017

LEGO Dimensions in 99c only stores are legit?

When I bought a Portal 2 Level Pack at my local 99 cent store and I opened it the pieces are complete but there is no instruction booklet that has an instructions on how to build their vehicle gadgets. It only has a mini-booklet that contains minifigure assembly, check-list, and a small guide on LEGO Dimensions.

Anyways they all legit if the LEGO Logo is present. However, most people buy LEGO Dimensions on 99Cent stores instead of the local retail stores because the price is high and expensive especially Level and Team packs. Hopefully no one else made a complain on 99cent stores because I don't want them to stop selling LEGO Dimensions.

We want to save them in more stock especially Year 2 packs will be available if Year 3 introduced.

Not onl…

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JeagerEX12 JeagerEX12 27 February 2017

Haunted LEGOs

Is the LEGO figures and bricks in this headstone could be haunted? It will might be a cursed LEGO toys if a bystander or a vandal will destroy and steal the figures in order to keep them as a collection and sell them on ebay.

Since there is no reports of the haunted legos but this headstone is still remained untouched.

If you steal and keep them from this headstone, the LEGO you took will give you nightmare because you cannot take any toys (mostly LEGO figures) in the public place (not only stores, but in buses, parks and malls etc). That is stealing.

If you see a LEGO toys that is owned by a deceased owner, don't take it or else you'll get cursed. Because you cannot steal things from a deceased owner just like the treasure inside the Pyramid…

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JeagerEX12 JeagerEX12 27 February 2017

Enlighten Brick making there own minifigures series

I can't believe that a Chinese toy company called Enlighten Brick is getting revenge on LEGO after they lost over lawsuit. Now they making their own Minifigures series without their permission from them. I know LEGO has a rights of making Minifigures series, but if they noticed soon they will get sued because of using their own theme title which is similar to LEGO's own. I will never forgive them of what they did because China don't care about the copyright laws. Only they care about is money. Hope LEGO will find out about this situation.

Here's the links:

Series 1 -

  • Soccer Player/Goalkeeper
  • Bear Suit Guy - Everybody likes animal/food/plant/object suit people in LEGO but they don't have respect to our comp…
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Cinderthomtrooper Cinderthomtrooper 22 February 2017

LEGO Cars 3

On Facebook and Instagram, a user known as Promobricks, posted an image of Cars 3 sets for the Juniors subtheme from a toy fair. It's hard to tell what the set numbers are. The boxes just show an "outline design" of what they will look like.



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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 13 February 2017

My Opinions On LEGO Star Wars Sets

These will be from 2016, and from most to least favorite.

  • 1 Poe's X-Wing Fighter
  • 2 Imperial Assault Hovertank
  • 3 Eclipse Fighter
  • 4 Kanan's Speeder Bike
  • 5 AT-ST Walker
  • 6 StarScavenger
  • 7 The Ghost
  • 8 Homing Spider Droid

The poly-bag one, just to let you know. Extremely straight forward build. Very ingenious, though, for centering the cockpit and front of the ship off the rear engine. It all stays together relatively well too. Nothing special in parts. The orange and warm silver bricks stick out on this model, as well as the clear pink cones used for the engines.

Don't have this one, but it looks AMAZING! The Hover Tank pilots look nice. Chirrut Imwe has some cool printing, plus a cloth thingy between his hips and torso. He also has a clip on the back to either …

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 11 February 2017

I am NOT seeing LBM

NVM I saw it so delete this.

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Thereselovesyou Thereselovesyou 9 February 2017

LEGO Conventions and Events in 2017

Check out this list of LEGO events, fan festivals, and conventions happening around the country this year:

  • 1 BrickFair
  • 2 World War Brick Anaheim
  • 3 Bricks Cascade
  • 4 Brickworld Indy

Annual LEGO fan conventions with amazing displays of fan-built creations, games and more: Alabama, New England, Virginia and New Jersey.

  • Official website:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:

The World's Premier Event for Historic Military LEGO Modelers and Customizers. Anaheim, CA: February 10-12, 2017.

  • Official website:
  • Facebook:

See the artistic and ingenious marvels crea…

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Andrei Moldovan Andrei Moldovan 31 December 2016


Look at this:

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DraftMountain22 DraftMountain22 28 December 2016

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher (1956 - 2016)

Star Wars actor Carrie Fisher who portrayed Leia Organa Solo just died yesterday because of suffering a massive heart attack during her flight from London to Los Angeles. She was 60 years old. But she finished her job shooting as the iconic Leia in Episode 8. Goodbye Carrie Fisher (1956 - 2016). May the Force be with you, always! - User:DraftMountain22 :(

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Lavertus Lavertus 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas Brickipedia

Hello Brickipedia, I won't make this too long but I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

lavertus (talk) 10:53, December 25, 2016 (UTC)

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TaskyCrafter TaskyCrafter 24 December 2016

Future Physical Minifigure Prediction

Hey guys it's TaskyCrafter again, I know I havent been active on this Wiki but I have been busy on Youtube and SoundCloud (Here are the links to my Profiles if you want them: SoundCloud:, YouTube:, also the last time I tried to make something on here it got deleted so I not doing any more for now. So yeah I might not be active for a while but I want to be for now to do a thing. Introducing: The Future Physical Minifigure prediction! (Sarcastic cheer)! Now I am not saying or guaranteeing that any of these people will be released sometime later in 2017, 2018, or 2019, but I am 99.99% positive that Lego will make all of these physical Minifigures…

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Rople Rople 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! This blog post is focused on Ninjago: The Unfolded Series like last year. As I promised weeks ago, I will be giving New sets and Aftermath Information. Let's start with New sets.

  • 1 New Sets
  • 2 Aftermath
  • 3 Videogame Development update
  • 4 New Logo!
  • 5 But wait, there's more...

  • Lloyd's Motorcycle of Creation
  • Furno CR-1
  • Rahkshi King

...And more will be released later next week, including Zhard's UltraJet

So Aftermath is the sequel the The Final Battle as you may know, but I will not reveal the plot for Aftermath, since The Final Battle is still undergoing.

But I can give you a few details on it!

  • It takes place 1 and half years after the events of The Final Battle
  • There will be brand-new characters
  • An old character …

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JeagerEX12 JeagerEX12 22 December 2016

Could LEGO City will make these??

I saw these recent enlighten Police sets from this website ( has anything reference to gangs, weapons, and violence including the set called Exposes Attacks which features two minifigures which are a police and a dangerous criminal and a tanker truck with a radioactive sign. Also there is another set that has a police pickup truck with a machine gun on the back which is bears a resemblance to the Technical, a modified civilian pickup truck that is used by the rebel groups. In real-life, every law enforcement around the world has a pickup truck that only use as a utility truck or transporting confiscated goods and evidence.

Could these sets are referenced to terrorism? Because LEGO City police is only f…

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The Lego Grøup The Lego Grøup 9 December 2016

Administrators and bureaucrats

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The Lego Grøup The Lego Grøup 6 December 2016


Main Wikia problems:

  • Only thousandths (1000, 2000 sets, ect.) or hundreds of thousands (100000, 200000 sets, and ect.) category. The solution of the problem: Expand the category (2100 sets and etc.).
  • The lack of licenses and categories in images. The solution of the problem: Add categories and licenses.
  • Few high-quality images in articles. The solution of the problem: Add and replace images.
  • Superfluous category. The solution of the problem: Remove category.
  • Inactive and bad administrators. The solution of the problem: Only we can decide.

I propose to remove the rights of all administrators and bureaucrats. They destroyed Wikia. They are not active. They have created hundreds of problems. Brickpedia dies. Only together we can solve them. I am ready to take…

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PixelGeek PixelGeek 2 December 2016

My First Blog Post + About Infoboxes

So this is my first blog post. I've been a member of this wiki for about two weeks I think. This is a nice wiki with a nice community. So according to Wikia this will be published to the community blog page, so I'll write something about that. The edits I've made have either been fixing some slight grammar issues or adding pictures. I hope my edits have been helpful, even though they're only minor.

But the other thing I wanted to talk about is infoboxes. I can't seem to edit them when I insert them as a template, yet every page I see has one. So I'm probably doing something wrong or it's my internet browser (It's Microsoft Edge, the new one. Not Internet Explorer 11 like with most issues).

So yeah, that was my first blog post. This might get…

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ShadEmmanZ-K9 ShadEmmanZ-K9 25 November 2016

Taking a Hiatus here

Okay, I'm going to stop editing here because some guys act like Jerks on this place. Also, I'll be back soon.

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 23 November 2016

LEGO: War: Character Roster

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Specsboy1999 Specsboy1999 8 November 2016

Could you please do this survey for my course work

Please can you do this survey:

For my games development corsework, I have to create a survey about a hypothetical game to provide data for research.

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Rople Rople 7 November 2016

Ninjago: The Unfolded Series 3rd Anniversary!

I am happy to tell you that my custom theme has actually turned 3 years old! In celebration I will be giving new The Final Battle sets, AND details of Ninjago: Aftermath.

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Amazing YouTuber for ALL LEGO Fans!!!!

Hey this is totally not an advertisement, more like a helpful life recommendation.

If you want daily entertainment from a LEGO fan like you, you may want to check out Brick Man's channel! (Totally NOT advertising here)

But wait----he doesn't ONLY talk about LEGO! Check out his channel to find out more!

Mobile link:

Desktop link:

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Rople Rople 25 October 2016

An apology

Hello there! I'm sorry that I haven't uploaded any new customs for a long time. I've simply been too busy developing my Videogame. But now, I shall take a small break from developing it and focus on uploading new customs instead. I will try and give you some new footage of the game as soon as possible.

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Bio-mech Matthew Riley Bio-mech Matthew Riley 23 October 2016

Lego Dimensions Wiki

Could somebody please tell Lego Dimensions Wiki that if they don't want me being rude to them, then they need to not disrespect me. All I asked was if they could tell Camy-Orca on Deviantart that whatever was said to her that set her off was a hacker, not me. And you know what they said, they said it "Sounds like an excuse for liking LCU". Why would they go there? What's wrong with liking Lego City Undercover? And it was realgametime that said it too. Why would even go there? I didn't even bring it up, but he's acting like it's a sort of crime for liking Lego City Undercover, which is currently my favorite Lego Videogame. I never once said to him anything about it when I posted, and in fact, I apologized for overreacting about LCU …

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 23 October 2016

Sets I Want for my LEGO City

My LEGO city I am working on is like Neo's, but it is also different. Basically, I want these sets for how violent the play features are:

  • 9468 Vampyre Castle: We need some medieval architecture, you know! Besides that, I want to kill people in my city by impaling them by using the play feature with the trapdoor and the many white spikes, as well as throwing other people in the prison so they rot into skeletons and get cuffed to the chain!
  • 9465 The Zombies: I need zombies, and I need a tiny car with hammers on it to crack people's heads open!
  • 9526 Palpatine's Arrest: I need to throw people out of apartment windows and kill them every day! Besides, this is one of my favorite scenes in any Star Wars movie!
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Sky-Pirate Doubloon Sky-Pirate Doubloon 18 October 2016

duude this wiki is dead AF Lmao

Rip brickipedia hosted on fandom powered by wikia

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SpitBrix SpitBrix 15 October 2016



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Indo3333and1willpen Indo3333and1willpen 9 October 2016

new brick?

get red brick here. some wiki found on bircks article.

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Rapmilo Rapmilo 28 September 2016

LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes Wiki:Recruitment of Staff and Moderators

Hello everyone. My name is Rapmilo and I am the head admin, bureaucrat and founder of the LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes Wiki.

Currently our wiki has grown to have close to 1,000 pages and three active staff members. We are looking to recruit more editors to our wiki.

As the LEGO Batman Movie is to be released in the near future, we are hoping to attract users with dedication to edit on the wiki and to help keep the database up to date.

We currently have two moderator staff positions open for the taking. Moderators will be chosen based on experience and commitment.

The policies and guidelines for editing all can be found at the wiki and are mostly self-explanatory.

Let us know if you are interested by commenting below!

We look forward to editin…

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Trigger Happy the Gremlin Trigger Happy the Gremlin 9 September 2016

Trigger Kart Signups

Who wants to join Trigger Kart? You only have until the 30th to join, so do it while you can!

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RealGameTime RealGameTime 30 August 2016

I'm Leaving Wiki

Please ignore this blog post.

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