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Agent Chase Agent Chase 7 November 2009

LDD Model (last peek until finished)

Here it is. The last peek of my LDD model until it's finished. What should I name it?

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Agent Chase Agent Chase 2 November 2009

LDD Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of my LDD model....

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 2 November 2009

BRICKTON (Now able for viewing!)

Whelp, here it is! You've all been waiting for it, it's Brickton, LEGOpolis. Next is Brick-beach!

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Agent Chase Agent Chase 1 November 2009

LEGO Digital Designer Model

I'm going to make a LDD model and I'm not sure what to make. Any ideas?

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 26 October 2009

Project: Page creator!

Here we are to discuss what pages should be created for themes with all or many redlinks!

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 26 October 2009

LEGO Digital Designer ideas

Here we can discuss what to build on the LEGO Digital Designer, or what would be good for our userpage gallery! :)

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GameGear360 GameGear360 24 October 2009

GG's Club

This is the place where anyone can join to build-up articles.

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C886553 C886553 23 October 2009

LEGO Pirates

I have mixed feelings about the new LEGO Pirates. It is amazing, and I love the British in it. I always play as the British, 'cause they are the real good guys XD. I don't like the cheesy gold elements, but I have complained to LEGO and it looks like they are cutting down on their use. Now, I am not important, and I strongly doubt that they cut down on them on my complaint alone, but it is nice to see anyways. I want to get the Pirates advent calender for Xmas, it looks so nice. Please comment any ideas that you have. 15:42, October 23, 2009 (UTC)

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GameGear360 GameGear360 23 October 2009


First of all, i'd like to say thanks to all who nominated me to be Brickipedian of the Month, so here's a game. It's called Build-Up. Here's the rules:

  • I say a name of an article, and whoever builds i up first wins a point.
  • When you edit a page, right down 'tag' on the summary bar.
  • No cheating
  • The winner gets a Snow-Cone (and the upcoming LEGO Part Wiki)!
  • So who's game?
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Yhosirainbowroad Yhosirainbowroad 20 October 2009


Hello --Yhosirainbowroad 00:39, October 20, 2009 (UTC)

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 20 October 2009

"Brickton" (Last peak until finish)

Here it is! The final sneak peak until it's finished! :)

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Agent Chase Agent Chase 19 October 2009

Awsome news!!!!!

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga was released on PC on October 13!!! What do you think?

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 18 October 2009


I give to you (from the LEGO digital designer) a sneak peak of my micro-scale town known as "Brickton" (I named it after my current town I live in, Elkton). ENJOY AND COMMENT!

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TheMG TheMG 14 October 2009

With great power comes great responsibility

I have way too much responsibility. I am an admin on 15 wikis. This is why I believe I must quit on many of them. I will still visit on occasions, but will no longer be an admin. I will still be an admin on the following wikis and why:

  • Wikitroid: Where I started out
  • MarioWiki: Just got b'crat status
  • Pokemon Wiki: This wiki has A LOT of vandalism.
  • Chibi Robo Wiki: I founded this wiki.
  • Gaming Music Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo
  • Super Monkey Ball Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo and Gaming Music
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Tman684 Tman684 13 October 2009

bionicle '''bold'''

hey guys! this is tman684 here to talk about the discontinuing of bionicle. i want to here what u guys think.

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 11 October 2009


I have more edits now! I'm RIGHT behind 9legoboy9! I should be able to make it into the top 7 by the March 2010 (new goal!) -Nerfblasterpro: I use a Vulcan, and a Raider! 01:33, October 11, 2009 (UTC)

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Agent Chase Agent Chase 8 October 2009

Agent Talk: Favorite Agent

Here is the place to talk about your favorite Agents characters. My favorite is Agent Chase.

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Lego Agent Fan Lego Agent Fan 4 September 2009

Lego Agents Vehicles Editing

I have all the Lego Agents 2.0 sets and I'm trying to edit all the vehicle pages i've made.

If anyone sees this blog please help me edit Agents Supertrike, Agents Waterjet, Agents 4-Wheeling Truck, Agents Quad-Bike, Agents Super Jet

and Agents Aerial Defense Unit if possible.

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9legoboy9 9legoboy9 3 September 2009

Project Thunderbolt

Hi, this is the blog page for Project Thunderbolt. If you want to join, leave a message on User talk:9legoboy9.

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NBP3.0 NBP3.0 1 September 2009

My Blog!!!

Wow, I've never used this before. Not bad, kinda cool. I made an edit on it, and this goes to my edit count :) -Nerfblasterpro 17:43, September 1, 2009 (UTC)

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Nickee217 Nickee217 23 August 2009

Blog away!

Bloging time!

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