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Irnakk wrote: wrote:

Irnakk wrote: wrote: Seriously, only Saurtongue was actually kind of good. The rest are terrible and make no sense. I really don't like it when someone makes fun of stuff I like, and then takes the cake for being the most stupid and obnoxious. Act your age, how old are you all, 2?

Ever heard of something called "sarcasm" or the couple of words "We do like this, we were just joking"?

I know what sarcasm is, however that is just stupid, almost none even made sense.

Varok and Dranosh Saurfang are orcs in Warcraft.

Yogg-Saron is an Old God, also from Warcraft.

Ted Sandyman is a Hobbit.

No idea what Saurtongue is from, possibly a joke, but I can't tell.

All the Saruboy stuff are just jokes.

I don't even play World of Borecraft

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