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Berrybrick wrote: wrote: May I ask what the point of this argument is? One of you's going to be proven wrong eventually and not until quite some time, as there is no source for any of this. It's not like this is an urgent, important matter, and it also doesn't seem like either of you are going to admit to having made any sort of mistake during this debate (like sarcasm or hypocrisy), so what the heck?

I guess it wasn't that clear, but what I meant by that mistake comment was that I made one and that I wasn't being sarcastic.

I know it is a dumb argument, and I wish that I had pointed it out or that somebody else had sooner, before I got wrapped up in it. But what does it is his hypocrisy, first of all, and we both draw things out longer than we should, so it's not a good combination, but what really does it is his antagonism. I admitted to a mistake, even if it wasn't clear, and he continued pointing it out and it's behavior like that, mine too, I do argue a lot and don't do such a good job at ending them, that makes these arguments.

I know what happened, I just didn't want it to continue happening :P Anyway, it's good that it stopped. No point in continuing.

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