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So, I saw The Force Awakens and I would like to see it in a LEGO Star Wars game. In fact, I would like to see the Disney sequel trilogy as a LEGO game. I would like to see voice acting and online co-op. They can add Holodiscs to collect. When you collect holodiscs, a new level can be unlocked and played. You can collect holodiscs to replay past games' levels like Negotiations, Secret Plans and Duel of the Droids. There can be holodiscs for Star Wars Rebels missions, new Clone Wars levels from Seasons 3-6, and new never before seen stories approved by Lucasfilm. However, you don't need holodiscs for the sequel trilogy. You just unlock levels in the sequel trilogy by playing the previous level. And if the game is released before the next two films, the levels for Episodes VIII and IX would be locked until the film's are released. They'd still be programmed on the disc so that they don't have to release an update or DLC. It would just be unlocked by time. There could be free roaming of the different planets in the Star Wars galaxy. Custom characters can be created on Kamino. What are your ideas of LEGO Star Wars IV?

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