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Boats (sometimes referred to as Floating Boats) was a LEGO System theme that was introduced in 1973 and ran until 2005. 22 sets were released in this theme. The thing that made these sets different from other town sets was the fact that they really did float in water. 1987 saw the introduction of single piece hulls, before then the ships were constructed from 2 or 3 separate hull pieces.

The first sets did not contain any minifigures. 314 Police Launch from 1976 included two LEGOLAND Minifigures. And from 1978, the first set with modern minifigures (709 Police Boat) was released, along with a series of minifigure-compatible sets.

The last set released under the Boats theme was 7244 Speedboat in 2005. After this year, floating boats also appeared in normal City sets, instead of special themes.

Sets Included


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
0310-1.jpg310Tugboat183 1973
311 Ferry.png311Ferry83 1973
3141.jpg314Police Launch53Police Officer (2) 1976
316-1.jpg316Fire Fighting Launch133 1978
343-2-1172528297.jpg343Ferry147 1968
775-1-1.jpg775Fire Fighter133 1978
1650-1.jpg1650Maersk Line Container Ship220 1974


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
0709.jpg709Police Boat531 1978
2883 Boat.jpg2883Boat26 1997
4002 box.png4002Riptide Racer531 1996
4005-1.jpg4005Tug Boat651 1982
4010 Police Rescue Boat.jpg4010Police Rescue Boat81Police Officer (x2)$12.99-15.501987
4011.jpg4011Cabin Cruiser902 1991
4012.jpg4012Wave Cops99Police Officer (2) 1996
4015 Freighter.jpg4015Freighter802 1982
4020-1.jpg4020Fire Fighter2063$28.501987
4021-1.jpg4021Police Patrol195Police Officer (3) 1991
4022 C26 Sea Cutter.jpg4022C26 Sea Cutter1933$29.991996
4025 Fire Boat.jpg4025Fire Boat1503 1982
4030-1.jpg4030Cargo Carrier3173$441987
4031 Fire Rescue.jpg4031Fire Rescue3614$51.991991
7244 Box.jpg7244Speedboat1072$29.992005
7899 Box.jpg7899Police Boat2002 Police Officer, 1 Criminal$24.992006

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