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Bob is the stereotypical minifigure used by LEGO, and is commonly used as a mascot. Bob appears in various places on, and was used as an NPC in the MMOG LEGO Universe aboard the Venture Explorer. Bob is also found in LEGO Digital Designer on the hide tool. He has only appeared in two sets, LEGO Universe Promotion 2008 as well as in several variations of 752437 Large Minifigure Display Case.


In LEGO Universe he works alongside Sky Lane and the Nexus Force Astronaut. However, after the Maelstrom invasion it is left unknown where he is, he appears in multiple loading screens. There is a alternate version of Bob which is the same but has black hands (this can only be spawned by Mythrans). LEGO Dimensions featured a mysterious minifigure with some traits of Bob's-namely a red sleeve and yellow hand-picking up a fragment of Lord Vortech that subsequently possessed him, possibly creating a clone of Vortech.


  • There have been cameos of Bob in some LEGO sets.
  • According to an FAQ by Max, Bob might be his uncle. However, it might not, because Max's Uncle Bob is in the states.

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All about Bob

Bob. Dear old Bob. Everyone’s favorite helpful Minifigure. The brave soul who helps all Minifigures unlock their Imagination and escape from the Venture Explorer. The helpful, smiling soul who even covers his eyes when you type your password! Bob is a shining example of a good-hearted citizen who never breaks any rules.

Or is he?! Special recon has just uncovered some startling news. Bob, full name Bobert, harbors dark, mysterious secrets…

To get the full picture, we must go back in time. Baby Bobert grew up next door to the young Sky Lane. As young children, they were the best of friends, despite the well known fact that boys have cooties. Over time, Bob grew to have feelings for Sky Lane, but he was always too shy to confess his feelings. As they grew older, Sky Lane trained with the Nexus Air Force to become a Captain and eventually became Captain of the Venture Explorer Starship! Bob knew what a dangerous job that was, so he signed up for service on the Venture Explorer Starship to stay close to Sky Lane and keep her from harm.

Things soon fell apart. Sky Lane only had eyes for Epsilon Starcracker and Bob’s heart grew dark and bitter. Consumed by despair and darkness, Bob only had one path before him… The Darkitect came to Bob, seducing him with promises to ease his pain and suffering. Desperate to heal his broken heart, Bob agreed to join the Darkitect’s army. Soon, Bob was his loyal follower, through and through.

In line with the Darkitect’s plan, Bob kept up the pretense of being a helpful Minifigure on the Venture Explorer. Bob always had a smile on his face to conceal the chaotic turmoil deep inside him.

Being a follower of the Darkitect had its small advantages, if you’re into that sort of thing. The Darkitect bestowed the power of immortality upon Bob. It was this power that allows Bob to pull off his arm at will, using it to flag down every passing Minifigure. But why was it so important to get every Minifigure’s attention? Bob’s mission was not to help the Minifigures, but to implant them all with a tracking device!

Yes, dear explorers. Bob is a spy for the Maelstrom. Helpful Bob has been spying on your every move and making direct reports to the Darkitect. The Maelstrom has been able to read your every move thanks to the intel reports that Bob has provided to the Darkitect.

What can the Nexus Force do against such deceit and corruption? The solution is Warthogs. Bob is deathly afraid of Warthogs –that’s why you never see him in Gnarled Forest! Adventurers: Your mission is to gather an army of Warthogs so we can take down Bob and the Darkitect, once and for all! Go out there and do your part now!

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I’m sorry this probably sounds like a stupid question, what is LEGO Universe? Everybody seems to know except me!

My Uncle Bob in the States says there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the excitement about LEGO Universe, you aren’t the only one and there’s still time to catch up!

LEGO Universe is a brilliant game you play on your PC or Mac over the internet, where you create a Minifigure to explore huge open worlds. You can race cars, complete missions, solve puzzles, build on your very own plots of land with the bricks you win and, of course, battle an enemy that threatens Imagination itself! You can do almost anything you can think of. It’s also an MMOG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game, which means most of the characters you meet will be real people from all over the world all playing at once!


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