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Bob the Builder was a DUPLO and Explore licensed theme based on the British children's television series of the same name by HiT Entertainment and Keith Chapman. The theme ran for eight years, thus making it one of the longest running DUPLO subthemes. Many sets were based on the vehicle characters seen in the show, but some included 3 DUPLO Figures (Bob, Wendy and Spud).



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
3271-b3271Bob's Workshop11Bob the Builder$6.002001
3272-13272Scoop on the Road21Scoop 2001
32733273Bob, Lofty and the Mice21Bob the Builder, Lofty$15.002001
32743274Bob and Muck Repair the Barn35Bob the Builder, Muck 2001
32753275Bob's Big Building Box51Bob the Builder$19.992001
3276 Muck and Scoop3276Muck and Scoop52Bob the Builder, Muck, Scoop, Wendy$29.992001
32783278Wallpaper Wendy9Wendy$4.992002
32793279Bob at Work11Bob$4.992002
32813281Naughty Spud9Spud$4.992002
3282 Clock Tower Bob3282Clock Tower Bob49Bob the Builder (minifigure)$19.992002
3283 Dizzy's Birdwatch3283Dizzy's Birdwatch44Wendy$29.992002
32843284Bob's Busy Day10Bob$4.992003
32853285Wendy in the Office10Wendy$4.992003
32863286Spud and Bird10Spud$4.992003
3289-b3289Muck and Roley in the Sunflower Factory37Wendy$29.992007
3292 Dizzy's Bridge Set3292Dizzy's Bridge Set20Bob the Builder 2005
3293-13293Benny's Dig Set191 2005
3294 Box3294Muck's Recycling Set33Bob the Builder$15.002005
3295 Roley's Road Set3295Roley's Road Set21Wendy$14.992005
3296 Box3296Travis and the Mobile Caravan243$20.002005
3297 Box3297Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard591$29.992005
3298 Box3298Lift and Load Sumsy12$9.992006
Wbbob23299Scrambler and Dizzy at Bob's Workshop50Bob$19.992006
3594-13594Bob's Workshop14Bob the Builder$14.992009
3595 Box3595Scoop at Bobland Bay28$19.992009
3596 Box3596Muck Can Do It39$29.992009
Loftydizzy3597Lofty and Dizzy Hard At Work51$39.992009
65175-Bob the Builder Co-Pack -265175Bob the Builder Co-Pack33 2003
Bob builder9119Bob the Builder Set68 2001
BobpostcardDUPLOBob the Builder Postcard1 2001
Pin053Pin,Bob The Builder1  
Pin53-Bob The BuilderPin53Bob The Builder1  


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