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"Yes, sir! Sorry, sir! Won't happen again, sir! Oops, was that your foot, sir?"
―Bobby Buoy

Bobby Buoy is a Minifigure from the Atlantis theme. He was introduced with the first wave of the theme in 2010.


Bobby Buoy has a unique head with two expressions: one neutral, the other troubled. As with other Atlantis Minifigures, he has a helmet with a design exclusive to the theme, with a neon trans-green visor and a diving suit with the Atlantis trident logo on the left leg.


Bobby Buoy is an apprentice and rookie on his first mission with the Atlantis Deep Sea Salvage Crew. He is happy to help out and make tea, though he makes a few mistakes. He is eager to learn, always bouncing back from failure. He dreams of being an official member of the team one day. He is known for being unintentionally funny, making silly mistakes and providing slapstick comedy for the team.





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