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Bone Daddy[1] is a skeleton minifigure. He has only been released in one Time set, 4391 Scary Clock Set, but also makes cameos in various video games.


Bone Daddy is a standard white skeleton wearing a black top hat atop his skull. Predating the modern skeletons introduced in Castle, Bone Daddy features the original ball joint arms and torso.


Bone Daddies can be found dancing in multiple levels and areas throughout LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. For example, in "The Quidditch World Cup", Bone Daddy pops out of a barrel and does a small dance before collapsing.[2]

In LEGO Universe, Bone Daddy can be summoned with the Skeleton Key item to assist players in battle. Bone Daddy rises from the ground near the player's position and targets a nearby enemy, running towards it and punching. The enemies smashed by Bone Daddy will drop loot for the player who summoned Bone Daddy. When no enemies are nearby, Bone Daddy runs back to his spawn point and remains idle until he spots another enemy. When his Life is depleted or after approximately 30 seconds, Bone Daddy will deconstruct and cannot be respawned until the Skeleton Key's cooldown has ended.



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