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The LEGO Company has released many books, but the majority of books have been released since 1995. Their earliest books were Idea Books, with ideas mainly for the core themes (Town, Space, and Castle). Since 1999, The LEGO Group have exclusively used DK Publishing, Inc. for all Books released relating to LEGO System. One of the first released by DK Publishing, Inc. in 1999, was the Ultimate LEGO Book: Discover the LEGO Universe by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.

The LEGO Group has released many kinds of books, ranging from the aforementioned idea books to maze books and puzzle book to histories and storybooks.

Maze Books

The LEGO Group has released 5 maze books to date - four Planet Police Maze books and one Insectoids maze book. Every maze book is a series of mazes which are treated as a single maze, where you go through the entire book on one run, then retry again. Each maze book has various obstacles and means of scoring and you can be either the "good guys" or the "bad guys". In the Planet Police books, you are either a policeman or a criminal trying to capture criminals or steal objects and escape, respectively. There are four criminals per book, and each one has a base in one city and a target in another. The four Planet Police books can be connected to make a single massive maze, allowing the reader to capture a total of 16 criminals in one go. In the Insectoids book, the reader is either a Bilgen Bug or a Zotaxian.

Puzzle books

The LEGO Group has released 4 puzzle books to date - two Adventurers books, a Rock Raiders book, and a Castle book. The books have a story, around which a set of puzzles is given to the reader. The solutions are at the end.

Comic books

The LEGO Group has released numerous comic books over the years. Their earliest comics featured non-LEGO protagonists in a LEGO world and were distributed in various magazines. Many later comics came with LEGO sets, particularly in Adventurers and Rock Raiders

Artworld UK comics

Artworld UK (later Artworld Studios) did the comics for LEGO Adventures! Magazine.

LEGO Media comics

Two LEGO Media comic books have been released to date - a Rock Raiders book High Adventure Deep Underground, and a Knights' Kingdom book Medieval Mischief and Mayhem. Each book had a story running across more than 40 pages, with three double pages with large pictures where the reader was asked to count the number of various objects on the page.

DK Easy Reader books

The LEGO Group has, with Doring Kindersley, produced LEGO Easy Reader books, books which have a graded reading level that are intended for very young audiences. The first books came around in 2000, and they are still being produced today, albeit very infrequently. There are 19 in total.


The 9 year long theme BIONICLE has spawned many books over the years. Many BIONICLE story books, written by Greg Fashtey, have been released. BIONICLE comics, first given away freely in magazine form along with LEGO Magazine, were re-released in book form. In addition to that, unlike any other theme, there are numerous books about the universe, detailing the multitude of worlds, creatures, and characters in the universe.

List of Books

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Alpha Team





Movie Novelization

BIONICLE Chronicles

BIONICLE Adventures


Graphic Novel Collection

Other Books








4 Juniors

Harry Potter

Idea Books

Indiana Jones

Knight's Kingdom II

Legends of Chima

LEGO Universe


Monster Fighters




Rock Raiders


Star Wars


Super Heroes

Town Jr.

Toy Story



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