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Boreal was the Ice Emperor's loyal dragon.


Zane first saw Boreal in visions that he experienced in "Wasted True Potential" and "The Belly of the Beast". After being sent to the Never-Realm and becoming the Ice Emperor, he at some point created Boreal as an elemental beast with a body made of corrupted ice. Boreal was eventually sent against the Formlings in "The Last of the Formlings" and froze nearly all the inhabitants of their village. The only two known to have escaped this fate were Akita and her brother Kataru, the latter of whom was abducted by Boreal and carried to the Ice Emperor's palace.

It is unknown on how many or what other occasions Boreal was dispatched against "enemies" of the Ice Emperor, but General Vex's counsel eventually persuaded the emperor to call upon Boreal again in "Secret of the Wolf." In "My Enemy, My Friend", Boreal arrives at the Ice Fishers' village on Great Lake and attacks it. It succeeds in freezing most of the residents, with only Kai escaping imprisonment after a failed attempt to use his weakened fire elemental powers to counter the dragon's breath. Boreal then flies back to the palace, but spots and attacks the Titan Mech. After destroying the vehicle, it heeds Vex's order to bring Lloyd to the palace, where it turns him over to the Blizzard Samurai.

In "Once and for All", Boreal is disturbed from slumber by the Land Bounty and attacks it. After a harrowing high speed chase, Nya uses a massive ice ramp to launch the vehicle into the air and slam into Boreal, stunning it and causing them both to crash into the ground. In "Awakenings", Nya realizes that the beast is made entirely of ice and, based on that information, deduces that the Ice Emperor is in fact Zane. Boreal then revives and attacks again and survives Nya's attempt to stop it by bringing down a large mass of ice controlled via her power over water. Fortunately, the sight of his sister and friends in peril enables Kai to reawaken his full elemental power, and he vaporizes Boreal with a blast of fire.