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The Boxer is a Collectable Minifigure that was released in August 2011, as one of the sixteen minifigures from 8805 Minifigures Series 5.


The most notable feature of the Boxer is the fact that his torso, instead of having normal hands, has large red boxing gloves. As well as this, his torso is printed with a muscular design, and a belt.

His legs are printed with red and yellow pants. His head is double-sided. One side shows a smiling, confident expression, and one has a black eye, and a grimace. He wears a red sparring helmet.


  • Instead of normal minifigure hands, the Boxer minifigure comes with special gloves.
  • The Boxer is one of the first two Collectable Minifigures so far to have a reversible head, the other being the Sleepyhead.
  • He is the only Collectable Minifigure up to Series 5 not to have an accessory, although his boxing-glove hands may count as them.
  • He is one of the 30 minifigures available as a sticker for Facebook messages.
  • Tremor's appearance before he became a villain is similar to this minifigure, but in grey.

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The Boxer’s fancy footwork and lightning-fast fists have earned him fans all over the world – but his biggest fan of all is the Boxer! He’s convinced that he’ll be the best professional prize fighter in the world one day, and his current winning streak suggests that he just might be right.

The Boxer has defeated every opponent he’s faced in the ring so far, and he’s always looking for the next big challenge. He was even hoping to box a kangaroo until he was told that was only something that happened in cartoons. He’s convinced that if science would just invent the perfect cloning machine, he could finally box against the one person who could give him a tough match: himself!



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