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Not to be confused with Diplodocus

The Brachiosaurus (BRAK-ee-o-SAWR-us) is a prehistoric animal, a dinosaur. Various incarnations and versions of the Brachiosaurus have been released since 1997.

DUPLO Brachiosaurus

Version 1

Version 2

The first Brachiosaurus figures appeared in 1997 in the Dino DUPLO line. It also appeared in the Dino (Dacta) theme. The figure was only one single piece with movable neck.

A smaller version of the figure was also released as a baby Brachiosaurus.

Version 2

In 2008 a new version of the DUPLO brachiosaurus was released with the set 5596 Dino Birthday. It was similar to the old one, with new printings.

System Brachiosaurus


The Brachiosaurus was only released in System with the Dinosaurs theme, in 2001. An adult version was featured with the 6719 Brachiosaurus. A baby version of the animal made of common parts was available with two sets: the 5952 Baby Brachiosaurus and the 7002 Young Brachiosaurus.

Jurassic World Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus appears in the video game LEGO Jurassic World as one of the playable dinosaurs. Its special ability is rearing up on its hind legs and stomping on the ground, destroying any objects in its radius. It serves as the largest playable dinosaur, and possibly the largest playable character in all Lego video games thus far.


  • In the set 2600 the Brachiosaurus is named Brontosaurus.





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