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"It's true, and I love planting flowers."
―Brad to Gene and Lloyd

Brad Tudabone appears in Seasons 2 and 3 of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He was one of Lloyd's friends at Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys and later attended Sensei Wu's Academy. So far, he appears in Double Trouble, Ninjaball Run, Rise of the Spinjitzu Master, The Surge, and The Curse of the Golden Master. He is a protagonist at times, and an antagonist at others.


Like Lloyd and the other students at Darkley's, Brad has short legs. He has Harry Potter's hairpiece and wears a light-blue tie underneath a light-blue vest that has an image of a flower on it. He also wears dark-blue pants. When the school's students wear ninja outfits to confuse the evil ninjas, Brad's ninja outfit is red. His Sensei Wu's Academy uniform, like all other students, is green.


Brad Tudabone is a young student who first met Lloyd at Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys. When they first met, he was nice to Lloyd, but later on he put fire ants in Lloyd's bed, causing everyone making fun of him. When everyone was gone, he told him he was just trying to teach him how things go. After that, Brad took Lloyd under his wing and taught him the art of revenge.

A long while after Lloyd Garmadon escaped from Darkley's, Brad, Gene, and the other boys sent a fake invitation to Lloyd to lure him in. When Lloyd appears at the school's entrance, passing underneath a rewritten sign saying "Darkley's School for Great Children", Brad is planting flowers nearby. When Brad sees Lloyd, he runs up to him and hugs him. He asks him to forgive him and says he learned his lesson. He then shows Lloyd and the ninja around, guiding them straight to the principal's office, where Gene, Brad, and the other boys capture him and knock him and the ninja out.

Moments later, when Lloyd wakes up, Brad is standing in front of him with the other kids, welcoming him to an evil intervention that they thought would help him turn evil again. However, Brad hears something, and he goes out of the room with the other kids to investigate. When they see Lord Garmadon's evil Bizzaro Ninja appear out of nowhere, he mistakenly thinks that the real ninja escaped and, with the other students, tries to attack them through the use of spitballs, smoke grenades, and dodge balls. However, they fail, and Brad is captured by the evil ninja and asked where the real ninja are.

When Brad leads the evil ninja to a room where he and the other kids hold the ninjas and the teachers captive, Bizzaro Cole asks if it is some kind of joke, but Brad says that is where he kept them and that he was being honest. When Bizzaro Cole says it's time for Brad to receive another nuggie, the real ninja show up and get confused. Cole orders Bizzaro Cole to drop Brad. Bizzaro Cole complies, saying that Brad is of no use to them anymore. He drops him on the floor, and lets him go while the real ninja fight the Bazzaro ninja.

When Brad comes back in the room with the other students, they tie up Lloyd again. After Brad listens to Gene's theory, he says it's good enough for him. Then, when Lloyd admits that he is good, he says that Brad is good too. Brad denies it, but Lloyd tells the story about the day they first met. Brad says that he only did it because he wants to get in good with Lloyd's father, but Lloyd says that deep down, Brad's not all that evil, and he's not the only one. Brad admits that its true and that he loves planting flowers. Brad says that the ninja saved his life, and then proves his kindness by untying Lloyd.

When Lloyd manages to also convince the other students, Brad, Gene, Lloyd, and the other students start sewing ninja costumes that Lloyd plans to use to confuse the evil ninja so that the real ninja can stop them. After the Bizzaro Ninja are defeated, Brad tells Lloyd that "You did it!", but Lloyd insists that "we" did it. Then everyone cheers.

However, Brad still had some hard feelings. He competed with the other Darkley's students in the Ninja Ball Run, where he and Gene sabotaged the Ultra Sonic Raider before the race started. During the Glacier Barrens part of the race, Brad's bus crashed and was overturned.

Brad is later seen in Season 3 attending Sensei Wu's Academy, which is located where Darkley's used to be



  • He likes to plant flowers.
  • His name is a pun on the phrase "bad to the bone".
  • His voice actress, Kathleen Barr also does the voice of Lloyd's mother, Misako.
  • His hair is the same as Harry Potter's.
  • His suit is blue, but when Bizzaro Cole throws him on the ground, it is black, and then blue again.